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Where to Eat in Red Deer: Cilantro and Chive

Since the start of the Where to Workout series, I’ve often been asked if I would expand the series to include other categories, specifically food. You ask I’ll deliver. Welcome to the first installment of Where to Eat in Red Deer. While I’m no professional food critic or photographer, I will aim to give an unbiased look at what to expect at restaurants throughout the city and beyond. Enjoy!

Where to Eat in Red Deer

If you ask for a recommendation on where to eat in Red Deer, it’s a given Cilantro and Chive in Lacombe will be at the top of that list. Here’s what you can expect from Central Alberta’s most popular spot for local eats.

Cilantro & Chive

About Cilantro and Chive

A short drive north on the QEII takes you to the quaint town of Lacombe, home to the infamous Cilantro and Chive. Started first as a catering company, Cilantro and Chive opened its doors in Ponoka in 2012. In 2015, they moved into their new permanent location in the heart of historic Lacombe.

They’re dedicated to setting themselves apart through the use of locally sourced food and creative menu items. Not only that, they care a great deal about connecting with their customers and ensuring everyone is taken care of. Community is everything here. They’ve done an amazing job working with local charities on menu items, such as their burger of the month, where they partner with a local celebrity on a burger feature and donate a portion of proceeds to local charity. They have also partnered with Haylen’s Ice Cream Shop on their ice cream sandwich feature with proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House.

The restaurant vibe is super chill with rustic, industrial decor. It’s the perfect setting for an afternoon snack with your family or a night out with friends. There’s a modest patio that fills up quick on hot summer days and board games to entertain on lazy weekends, making it a fun place to hang out for all ages. You’ll want to spend some time in the bathroom, the floor to ceiling gallery wall of fun pics and memes is one of my favourite parts.

Oh, and be sure to check out the bottom of your receipt when you’re done. They leave space for a daily doodle and the best ones are eligible to win a gift card each month. I mean really, can this place get any more fun?

Cilantro & Chive

Cilantro & Chive

Cilantro & Chive

About The Menu

Regardless if you’re looking to indulge in something sinfully delicious or just something simple and fresh, Cilantro and Chive have got it, from seasonal salads to mac and cheese topped caesars.

The restaurant is dedicated to supporting local, with ingredients sourced fresh from local producers to create a unique offering of dishes not found on a typical Central Alberta restaurant menu. You’ll see Scholing’s potatoes grown in Lacombe, bison from MSW farms, locally brewed beer used right in their recipes. With menu offerings changing through the seasons, there are always new and exciting items to try. I don’t think I’ve ordered the same thing twice, which says a lot about a girl who will stick to what she knows and loves. The menu is marked with gluten free and vegetarian options as well.

Of course, there’s something for the kiddos too. A whole kid-approved menu, including the craziest drink topped with candy!

Along with fresh eats, they also have an overwhelming drink menu. I’m talking pages and pages of craft beer selections, handcrafted cocktails and more. If you’re into craft beer, this is your place. You can even find pairing selections alongside various dishes on the menu to take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Cilantro & Chive

Chicken and Waffles: spicy hot suace marinated, deep fried chicken, in house-made waffles, tarragon maple syrup, icing sugar, green onion, sunny fried egg | Folding Mountain Three Seasons Honey Wheat Ale Cilantro & Chive

Autumn Crunch Salad: house made beet goat cheese, mandarin oranges, cranberries, spiced nuts, celery, apple cider vinaigrette, tossed in arugula, grilled focaccia | Blindman Brewing Blindman River Session Ale 


$$-$$$ – depending on how much beer you drink

What I Loved Most

I love the community focus and dedication to supporting local farmers and growers to provide a different dining experience than Central Alberta is used to. Food wise though, I can’t stop thinking about the chocolate mousse, topped with caramel popcorn and paired with a Bench Creek Brewing Veruca Salted Brownie Oatmeal Stout. #drool

Cilantro & Chive Cilantro & Chive

Bernard Callebaut dark chocolate mouse cake topped with salted caramel popcorn, fresh blueberries, fresh whipped cream and mint (gluten friendly, no nuts) | Bench Creek Brewing Veruca Salted Brownie Oatmeal Stout



Huge thanks to Cilantro and Chive for inviting us in for a menu tasting with beer pairings. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting this little hobby of mine. 

Where to Workout in Red Deer

Where to Workout in Red Deer: Move Garuda

Where to Workout in Red Deer: Move Garuda

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably never heard of Garuda before but I was excited to check out this beautiful boutique studio and learn what it was all about. And yes, I’m still finding new places to workout in this city. It’s crazy right?

About Move Garuda

What is Move Garuda all about? Let’s just get into what exactly Garuda is. I’m going to be honest here, and say that I don’t yet understand the difference between Pilates and Garuda. Simply put, Garuda is an extension of Pilates.

“Pilates builds strength, flexibility and lean muscle with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine. It focuses on core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and breathing. Imagine combining the best elements of yoga, pilates, martial arts and dance into one practice. Garuda is the fusion of various practices allowing the participant to explore form, breath, fluidity and dynamic movement.”

Garuda uses a specially designed apparatus, similar to Pilates, which looks intimidating but can actually be a lot of fun to use once you get the hang of the movements. It’s great for all ages, levels, and abilities and is especially great for rehabilitation on injuries. Not just for women, Garuda is becoming popular with athletes as it helps them develop muscles they wouldn’t normally work at the gym.

Move Garuda is located in the hip part of town, Capstone/Riverlands and is an absolutely stunning little studio. They are the definition of a boutique studio, running only one class at a time with limited space available.

Because the studio is so specialized and classes are so small, there are no big change rooms and showers here. There is a bathroom to change and freshen up in if needed and a small coat/boot rack to stash your outwear.

About the Classes

Move Garuda offers a handful of different classes, whether you’re looking for a private, semi-private or small group setting. Beside Garuda Apparatus, you can also try out various styles of Pilates, Barre, and Pilates/Barre combo classes. What’s great is that they are always taking their feedback and adapting their schedules to meet your requests.

What’s interesting about these classes is that you’re not going to work up a huge sweat like you would elsewhere but you’re still going to feel the burn and get an amazing workout. It’s recommended to bring water, wear mid to long fitted pants and grip socks which are available to purchase at the studio if you don’t have your own collection.


Private Session

60 Minute:

Single $65 ($65/hr)
5 Pack $300 ($60/hr)
10 Pack $580 ($58/hr)
20 Pack $1100 ($55/hr)

30 Minute:

Single $40 ($40/.5hr)
5 Pack $175 ($35/.5hr)
10 Pack $330 ($33/.5hr)
20 Pack $600 ($30/.5hr)


$36 each/hr
$25 each/half hour

Group Classes

Garuda Apparatus $200/ 8 Week Session
Pilates 30/30 $180/ 8 Week Session
Pilates 45 $170/ 8 Week Session
Base, Barre & Flow Pilates $160/ 8 Week Session

Punch Pass

5 Punch Pass $145 ($29/class)
10 Punch Pass $280 ($28/class)



What I Loved Most

If you’ve been following this series for awhile, you’ll know I’m a sucker for pretty studios and this one definitely fits the bill. But what I truly loved was that owner/instructor Amanda was so friendly and personable on top of being a wealth of knowledge. It felt like working out with a friend. The Garuda Apparatus might have been my favourite part and I’m excited to get back and try it out again.

For More Move Garuda








Goals, Baby

We are a full week into 2018. How’s it going so far? I’ve spent the last week wondering what kind of goals I want to set for myself and I’m having the hardest time. Last year I set three main goals and five separate fitness goals for the year. This year I just can’t land on anything specific that I want to accomplish.

One of my co-workers challenged us all to come up with a word for the year (also something my good friend Ange does annually) and that is something that came pretty easily to me. I’ve decided to let go of specific goals and instead base this next year on my word. First, let’s do a quick recap of my 2017 goals!

Overall Goals:

  1. Condo improvements – I intended to start updating some things in my condo over the year to get it ready to sell in the coming years. I didn’t actually complete this goal, because I ended up listing my condo in the summer and selling it by the fall. So I guess in that sense, this goal is complete! Check.
  2. Get my group fitness certification through Canfit Pro – Getting my fitness certification has been something I’ve wanted to do for several years now. Since starting my “Where to Workout in Red Deer” series, I’ve really come to realize how much I truly love fitness and want to share that passion through instruction. While I did not manage to do my group fitness training, I did become a certified Pound Pro and have started teaching Pound fitness. I do eventually want to get my group fitness certification and expand my knowledge, but I’d definitely still call this a win. Check.
  3. Run/Survive my first half marathon – I ran SeaWheeze in August. It wasn’t the greatest race, but I crossed the finish line and that’s really all that matters. Check.

Fitness Goals:

  1. Finishing my first half marathon – This one is an obvious overlap, but it was such a big accomplishment! Check
  2. Run a new-to-me race – This did not happen. With a limited budget, I stuck to local races I’ve already done and SeaWheeze. I’d still love to run the Rocky Mountain Soap Run in Canmore or Red Deer’s Harvest Run though.
  3. Summit a mountain – It always seems that summer flies by too fast and I don’t get to hike as much as I’d like. I did make it this happen though when I climbed Ha Ling Peak. Check
  4. Try something new – I always love trying new fitness classes and this year I got to try a couple new classes as well as a ton of new facilities while I continued working through my Where to Workout in Red Deer series. This year’s new classes were Buti Yoga and Garuda! Check
  5. Handstand –  This was a repeat goal from previous years but I still have not made it a priority to practice.

So, what does my 2018 look like?


I want to be intentional about everything I do day to day.

I want to teach more Pound and inspire people through fitness or my personal experience on my blog.

I want to purchase more ethically made, timeless pieces of clothing instead of continually buying cheap, trendy clothing that doesn’t last.

I want to continue using toxin-free beauty products and keeping my home as chemical free as possible.

I want to mindlessly scroll through social media less and read more books and drink more tea.

I want to go on more adventures with Liam, do more snowshoeing, more hiking, climb more mountains.

I want to workout at home more and eat healthier food that helps me feel better.

I want to do more yoga, meditate and journal more.

I want to spend more nights sitting around the kitchen table laughing with friends.

So there you go. I’m not going to spend the year working towards one thing in particular, but instead, work every day to lead an intentional life.

Do you make new years resolutions or goals for the year?

Do you have a word?