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Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa

I hope you’re doing well and staying warm up in the North Pole. How are Mrs. Clause and the reindeer doing? I wanted to let you know that I’ve been exceptionally good this year. I worked hard to achieve my goals and think I deserve to be spoiled a little. I attached a detail description of my dream wish list for you. I’ll be sure to put out an extra cookie or two for you, perhaps a little eggnog as well? And of course, I won’t forget a treat for the reindeer.

See you soon Santa,

  1. Le Germaine Bedding from Simons (remember when I asked for hotel quality bedding for my birthday after my stay at Le Germaine? Well, what do you know, you can buy that exact bedding at Simons! If that isn’t fate….)
  2. Sage diffuser and/or salt lamp
  3. Beauty Counter Mask Set
  4. Hiking day pack
  5. New French Press
  6. Some new vinyl
  7. A Poppy Barley purse + wallet 
  8. A responsible capsule wardrobe as inspired by The Garment Life 
  9. Yearly supply of beer from Craft Beer Nation
  10. Orangetheory Fitness membership


What’s on your ultimate wish list to Santa? 


Where to Workout in Red Deer: Weber Studio

Where to Workout in Red Deer

I know what you’re thinking, why are you talking about a physiotherapy clinic in a fitness review series? Well, friends, this amazing little clinic studio is home to one of the first Russian trained kettlebell instructors in Canada so it makes sense that his physiotherapy practice would extend to incorporate fitness classes as well. I was able to pop in for one of their regular kettlebell classes for an all over butt-kicking.

Weber Physio Studio

About Weber Physio

April and Keith Weber were both born and raised in Central Alberta. Both with active backgrounds, their journeys led them both on the path of physiotherapy and the opening of their own clinic together. Keith Weber was one of the first in Canada to be trained in Russian kettlebells. You could say he’s the Canadian OG kettlebell guy. On top of owning a successful physiotherapy clinic, Keith has developed a successful kettlebell program used by the likes of Joe Rogan. If you’re looking for the best of the best in kettlebells, this is probably where you want to go.

About the Classes

Classes offered in the studio include kettlebells, women’s kettlebell crosstraining, kettlebell/yoga mixer, and physio yoga.The prerequisite to any kettlebell classes at Weber Studio is the Introductory Kettlebell Seminar. This seminar goes over all of the basic kettlebell movements and their proper forms, giving you the tools you need in regular kettlebell classes.

The prerequisite to any kettlebell classes at Weber Studio is the Introductory Kettlebell Seminar. This seminar goes over all of the basic kettlebell movements and proper form, giving you the tools you need in regular kettlebell classes. The kettlebell class didn’t offer a ton of one on one support, although that may have been because the class I was in were experienced regulars.

The neat thing about the classes is that they are designed to help prevent common problems found in patients needing physiotherapy. Crosstraining for women helps promote strength and prevent osteoporosis. Physio Yoga takes a rehabilitative approach to yoga. All classes are designed for everyone, whether you’re a patient of the physio clinic or not.

Weber Physio Studio


Drop-in – $10-15 depending on the class

10 Class Pass – $80

Unlimited Monthly Pass – $90

What I Loved Most

These classes are designed to have a minimal negative impact on your body, it’s a physiotherapy clinic after all, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your butt kicked. I was done after the warm-up and there was still 45 minutes of kettlebell work to be had. It was a sweaty good time, and I felt like I got to be a part of their little workout family while I was there.

Weber Physio Studio

For More Weber Physio








Weekend Recap

I haven’t been great at blogging lately so I thought I’d pop in for a little weekend recap. It was definitely a busy one but we were rewarded with some warmer temperatures.


I snuck out of work a little bit early as I was meeting my painter at the new house to go over final details before they started work over the weekend. Yes, I realize I could save a pile of money by painting myself but let’s be real, I’m busy enough. Time is money and I think it will be worth it to have everything done well before moving in. While at the house, I also got to see the new flooring, which was about half done.

Once I was finished with the painter, I ran home and had a light supper before heading to the studio where I was teaching my first Pound class! I was a little nervous leading up to it, but definitely not the same stage fright feeling I’ve had before other things. We ended up selling out the event that afternoon so we had a full house of rockstars out. I think the class went well, there was great feedback and everyone seemed to have had fun. A few people were headed out on the town after their obligatory post-workout beer, but I was ready for bed.

I headed home, caught up on all the messages of support on social media while having a bowl of cereal and called it a night.


Because I’m a sucker for punishment, I set my alarm for an early morning spin class. I hadn’t been forever and was craving some cardio but haven’t been feeling running lately. Lululemon was there, gifting everyone in the class with sweat towels as a thank you for welcoming the permanent store to the community. I walked out of class practically soaking wet with sweat. Spin is the class that I love to hate. I want to puke during, especially the race tracks but feel great once it’s done.

(in love with this Under Armour Accelerate Short Sleeve!)

After a big breakfast and a shower, I headed out to see Liam at his jujitsu class. He gets to move up to the next level, so this was his last class with the younger kids. I’m pretty proud of his progress and how focused he is and I hope that the next level will help him find more focus and discipline at home as well.

Liam went back with his dad after jujitsu since I had an evening commitment. I headed home to load some boxes into the car to take to the new place. The flooring was finished and looked so freakin’ good but man am I not excited to clean the dust off every possible surface of that place.

I headed back home for a snack and to laze in bed for a bit before getting ready for an evening out. Mary and I met out for dinner at One Eleven in Capstone and toasted her belated birthday with a glass of Prosecco. From there, we headed to a Braids & Beer workshop at the Breathing Room. Yes, it sounds weird, a room full of 30-somethings braiding each other’s hair and drinking beer. Shrug. Turns out, I’m not magically able to make perfect braids in my hair, I have some practicing to do.


Another early morning. I picked Liam up (and coffee) bright and early. My parents picked us up and we hit the road to Ikea so they could help me haul some new furniture to the new place. It was a quick trip and we were back mid-afternoon. The rest of the afternoon and evening was low-key. Liam went to bed early, I caught up on Riverdale and Scandal and then crawled into bed with my book.

5 more nights of sleep and we will be in our new home!