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5 Classes To Make Fitness Fun

Have you ever found yourself losing motivation to go out for your run or hit the gym for yet another leg day? Or maybe the gym thing just isn’t your jam. Sometimes you need to shake things up and try something new.

Here are five classes to make fitness fun again while still getting a killer workout. Bonus: I’ve linked to where you can find most of these classes locally.

5 Fun Fitness Classes to Try in Red Deer


  1. Spin – with dark rooms, loud music and disco balls, a spin class kind of feels like a party. This is a great option if you’re looking for something with a little less impact or to cross train during your race training.Where to in Red Deer: My Revolution

  2. Surf Set – I mean, who doesn’t want to pretend you’re in the cast of Blue Crush while getting a killer workout. An engaging workout inspired by surfing is especially appealing in the dark winter nights when you’re dreaming of truly paddling in the ocean under a hot sun.
  3. Circus – Who wouldn’t want to run away and join the circus? You can actually pretend to do that, learning how to flip and fly on aerial silks or hoops and more. You won’t even realize how hard you’re working until you’re done.Where to in Red Deer: The Forum
  4. Jazzercise – It’s not just your mom’s fitness class full of neon spandex anymore. Jazzercise is a fun and engaging dance fitness class for all levels of fitness (and levels of coordination). Even if you’re flailing the whole class, you’re getting a great workout that you can laugh about.Where to in Red Deer: Jazzercise Red Deer
  5. Pound – there’s no other fitness class out there that allows you to pretend you’re a rockstar while doing endless squats, lunges, and presses. It will leave you sweaty and sore but feeling a little more badass like the fitness rebel you are.Where to in Red Deer: with me! Check out upcoming classes on the right-hand side of this page! 


Tell me: What is the most fun fitness class you’ve ever taken? 

Where to Workout in Red Deer

Where to Workout in Red Deer: Move Garuda

Where to Workout in Red Deer: Move Garuda

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably never heard of Garuda before but I was excited to check out this beautiful boutique studio and learn what it was all about. And yes, I’m still finding new places to workout in this city. It’s crazy right?

About Move Garuda

What is Move Garuda all about? Let’s just get into what exactly Garuda is. I’m going to be honest here, and say that I don’t yet understand the difference between Pilates and Garuda. Simply put, Garuda is an extension of Pilates.

“Pilates builds strength, flexibility and lean muscle with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine. It focuses on core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and breathing. Imagine combining the best elements of yoga, pilates, martial arts and dance into one practice. Garuda is the fusion of various practices allowing the participant to explore form, breath, fluidity and dynamic movement.”

Garuda uses a specially designed apparatus, similar to Pilates, which looks intimidating but can actually be a lot of fun to use once you get the hang of the movements. It’s great for all ages, levels, and abilities and is especially great for rehabilitation on injuries. Not just for women, Garuda is becoming popular with athletes as it helps them develop muscles they wouldn’t normally work at the gym.

Move Garuda is located in the hip part of town, Capstone/Riverlands and is an absolutely stunning little studio. They are the definition of a boutique studio, running only one class at a time with limited space available.

Because the studio is so specialized and classes are so small, there are no big change rooms and showers here. There is a bathroom to change and freshen up in if needed and a small coat/boot rack to stash your outwear.

About the Classes

Move Garuda offers a handful of different classes, whether you’re looking for a private, semi-private or small group setting. Beside Garuda Apparatus, you can also try out various styles of Pilates, Barre, and Pilates/Barre combo classes. What’s great is that they are always taking their feedback and adapting their schedules to meet your requests.

What’s interesting about these classes is that you’re not going to work up a huge sweat like you would elsewhere but you’re still going to feel the burn and get an amazing workout. It’s recommended to bring water, wear mid to long fitted pants and grip socks which are available to purchase at the studio if you don’t have your own collection.


Private Session

60 Minute:

Single $65 ($65/hr)
5 Pack $300 ($60/hr)
10 Pack $580 ($58/hr)
20 Pack $1100 ($55/hr)

30 Minute:

Single $40 ($40/.5hr)
5 Pack $175 ($35/.5hr)
10 Pack $330 ($33/.5hr)
20 Pack $600 ($30/.5hr)


$36 each/hr
$25 each/half hour

Group Classes

Garuda Apparatus $200/ 8 Week Session
Pilates 30/30 $180/ 8 Week Session
Pilates 45 $170/ 8 Week Session
Base, Barre & Flow Pilates $160/ 8 Week Session

Punch Pass

5 Punch Pass $145 ($29/class)
10 Punch Pass $280 ($28/class)



What I Loved Most

If you’ve been following this series for awhile, you’ll know I’m a sucker for pretty studios and this one definitely fits the bill. But what I truly loved was that owner/instructor Amanda was so friendly and personable on top of being a wealth of knowledge. It felt like working out with a friend. The Garuda Apparatus might have been my favourite part and I’m excited to get back and try it out again.

For More Move Garuda







Healthy Living

Tips For New Gym Goers

The New Year is a time when many people begin new fitness journeys. If you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before, it can be an intimidating place. The intimidation factor alone keeps many people from joining. It shouldn’t though! So I turned to social media and asked some friends and followers for their advice to someone joining a gym for the first time. Thanks to everyone who chimed in!


This is #1. If you’ve never been in a gym before, it’s important to learn how to properly use the equipment and proper form so you do not injure yourself. Working with a trainer for a few sessions will absolutely help you find some confidence and learn what you should focus on to reach your goals. Even if you’ve been in a gym before, it’s beneficial to work with a personal trainer to get reacquainted and learn about new equipment, navigate injuries, etc.



Trainers are there for a reason, to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at any time. And always clean up after yourself, whether it’s putting weights back on the rack or wiping down a machine. The gym is your home, treat it as such!


I like this a lot. You need to give yourself some time to find your rhythm and get used to a new gym routine. It takes time, success and results don’t happen overnight, so don’t give up before you truly get started on your journey.

If becoming a gym rat isn’t for you, try a group fitness class instead. Most gyms have group classes.  Here are my tips for attending your first fitness class. 


Agreed. It takes time to find a place that feels like home for you. Not every gym will feel that way. If you don’t feel comfortable in the place you’re working out, you won’t be motivated to go.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Despite what you may feel, no one is looking at you. Throw on a hat and put your earbuds in and do your thing. We are all at the gym for the same reason, to better ourselves.


Proper nutrition and hydration are definitely important in helping you reach your goals. Check with your new gym to see if they offer nutrition coaching if this is something you would like to learn more about. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

My tip? Go in with a plan. Know what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them. There are tons of fitness plans online that will help you create the right workouts and save you from wandering aimlessly around the gym wondering what to do next.


What tips do you have for someone heading to the gym for the first time? 
Anyone have any first-timer experiences to share?

Looking for somewhere new to workout in Red Deer? Check out my Where to Workout series!