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Through Liam's Lense

Through Liam’s Lens 5

Through Liam's Lens

Admittedly, Liam’s camera was lost for a little while behind the couch, so there hasn’t been as much photo taking as usual going on. However, he’s still killin it with his shots of me. The one below was captured on my phone.


Mama/Planner/Hiking Buddy/
Grandpa Buckles Me In/Facetime

Through Liam's Lense

Through Liam’s Lens 4

Through Liam's Lens

Lately, Liam’s been loving using the self-timer on his camera (and mine) to take pictures. It’s so cute watching him get the camera set up, rushing to pose and waiting for the flash to go off. He’s even been asking to learn how to take video, which could definitely make for some entertainment down the road. I made sure to pack Liam’s camera on a recent trip to BC to see what kinds of images we would capture, but most of the time he left his camera behind. Just another reminder that we need to be better about bringing our cameras along on our adventures.

I did get quite the surprise on a trip out to the canola fields when I let Liam have my phone and he took a great photo of me. IMG_6939

Through Liam's Lens 4 Snuggles | Vacation Couch | Kicking Horse
Mama’s Books | Backseat Driver | Gloomy Skies¬†

A couple people have asked, and Liam shoots with a Nikon Coolpix. It’s shatterproof and waterproof and has so far proved to be indestructible against a rambunctious almost four-year-old boy.

Through Liam's Lense

Through Liam’s Lens #3

This is one of my favourite series’ to put together. I love looking through Liam’s camera to see what kind of gems are waiting to be seen. Neither of us has been working on our photography as much lately, so we will have to make an effort to start bringing our cameras out for our adventures.

Through Liam's Lense #3

Caden at the Zoo | Sunbeam | Behind the Curtain
Self Timed | View From The Table | Mr. Cow
Post-Island Race | Shovel | Selfie

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