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Family Liam-isms

Liam-isms Part 11

  • While playing catch: You got me right in the pore head!
  • I have freeze brain!
  • Tomorrow after Arlee’s (his day home lady) there’s three things we need to buy ok? Sushi. Salad rolls. Circle cheese (Babybel). Ok, mom?
  • My grandpa has a mustache, but it has little doodily doots.
  • What kind of coffee would you like this morning, mama? A double steamed? Black? Mocha?
  • Boys kissing girls that aren’t their mom or grandma would be so gwoss.
  • What’s your future? This whole city is my future.
  • What is that moving creature?! (there was a centipede on our balcony)
  • Walking into my room late at night while I was reading: I don’t like wasabi peas. I’ve tried them before and they are not good.
  • Why can’t you just be my wife?
  • Me: How was your day?
    Liam: Awful!
    (because he didn’t get to play outside long enough)
  • When I told him our family dog was going to heaven: When I grow up, I’m going to fly a rocketship to pick Rosie up from heaven and bring her home again.
    (that one still makes me tear up every time I think about it)

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Family Liam-isms

Liam-isms Part 10













I haven’t been as diligent documenting the funny things Liam says these days. Truthfully most conversations with this kid make me laugh and those of you who have the pleasure of hanging out with him when he’s not being shy can attest to it. I love that we have real conversations now. And then there’s the day he dropped the f-bomb.

  • You should wear this, mom. This would look pretty on you! (after pulling a bra out of my underwear drawer.)
  • Thank you for taking me for a haircut. I can give you a haircut when we get home if you want?
  • Mom: Do you want to have a breakfast date in the morning?
    Liam: Sure, it’s up to you.
  • I feel hot chocolately
  • This is a nice book, mom
  • Happy Fools Day!
  • Dad somebody broke my fucken box….fuck!
  • Mom did you know there’s real live ROCK BANDERS on TV?! (proceeds to sing Kiss over and over for the rest of the night)

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Family Liam-isms

Liam -isms Part 9


  • After getting Star Wars socks in his Christmas stocking: I didn’t know Santa sold clothes!
  • After getting immunizations: I still love you mom, but not if you make me go there again.
  • I’m going to be Santa when I grow up
  • Arlee: I’m going to clean the crab tank while you guys play playdough
    Liam: Ok. Before you clean the crab tank, do you want a high five?
  • When I get big, I don’t want to buy a kid
  • Someday can we have a sleepover at Santa’s house?
  • Ah shoot! We have to shovel AGAIN!
  • I can’t be quiet, I’m just a loud guy.
  • Mom, where are your pounding mittens (boxing gloves)
  • I made a tri-ankle (triangle)
  • Driving to the day home one morning: Mom, you woke up too early. I bet Arlee isn’t even awake yet. And nobody else’s lights are on. Everybody is still sleeping!
  • Mom, can you be my girlfriend?


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