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Liam Fashion

Liam Fashion: Authentic Brave Apparel & Winter Essentials

Authentic Brave Apparel

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Authentic Brave Apparel on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their simple, meaningful designs.

Authentic Brave Apparel is a Saskatoon-based apparel company, founded by husband and wife duo Scott and Kim. After encountering many of their own challenges in life, they decided to spread positive vibes through their inspiration and motivating designs. With a motto that says, “Be Courageous, Be Fearless, Be Brave”, I think their shirts are a great reminder, whether you’re going through a particularly difficult situation, or just navigating your way through this crazy world.

When Kim offered to send Liam and I shirts, I automatically went for the Be Brave design. We are very fortunate that we are not faced with any struggles (aside from dealing with that four-year-old temperament), I feel like teaching Liam to be brave enough to forge his own path in life and work towards his dreams is important.



Winter Essentials

What else is Liam wearing this winter? All the outerwear. Seriously, this winter has seen the longest cold snap in 20 years and when it’s not deathly cold, we’re up to our knees in epic snowfall. However, my little budding fashionista is still managing to stay warm and “fancy”. While I haven’t been buying him too many new clothes lately, he’s finding his staples in button-up shirts, jeans, and ties. On cold days he may even reach for the hand-knit cardigan from my mom along with the knit toques and mitts.


  1. Bow Tie – he has a hefty collection, most that come with collared shirts from H&M
  2. Rococo Mini Triangles Chambray ShirtThe Bay
  3. Duck BootsThe Gap – You might remember these boots from last winter. They are a favourite, comfortable and warm for Liam and so stinkin cute. I almost wish I could wear them!
  4. Puffer JacketThe Gap – this was actually a hand-me-down and we love it.

While searching out the links and images for this post, I noticed that a lot of stores are getting in their spring lines already. That gives me hope that we can ditch the layers and toques, long sleeves and staticky hair and get back into cute jackets, tees and sneakers!

What are your winter clothing essentials? 

Liam Fashion

Liam Fashions: Fall Essentials

I hate to point it out, but tomorrow is the last official day of summer. Fall is in full swing here already with crisp mornings and falling leaves everywhere. We’re forced to wear layers in the morning and often end our days in tshirts. It’s almost a good thing because Liam clearly went through a growth spurt recently and some of his summer duds are getting to be a bit on the small size, especially his shoes. Why do kids have to grow so fast?

Here are a few things that Liam will be sporting during the fall season.


  1. Tweed Cabbie Hat – I bought this hat for Liam since he’s always been a big fan of different hats. I haven’t been able to convince him to wear though, because he’s pretty obsessed with his Blue Jays hat.
  2. Quilted Jacket – I haven’t actually found this jacket in store yet, but I need to get my hands on it (so if anyone sees in at their H&M please snag it for me!!). Liam has had a similar jacket every year since he was a babe and I was so sad when he outgrew the largest size.
  3. 101 Dalmatians Vans – I’m not normally a fan of character clothes, but I couldn’t resist buying these skate shoes for Liam. See, last year immediately following his 3rd birthday party, he said he wanted a dalmatian puppy party for his 4th birthday. He’s stuck with that idea the entire year and I’m in the process of planning his dalmatian themed birthday. I couldn’t not buy these shoes for a birthday gift.
  4. Whistle and Flute Brush Script Number Tee – I got Liam the Milestone number tee from W&F last year, and couldn’t resist the new design. He is always so proud to show off his age in his tshirt so I know he’ll love sporting this one this year.
  5. Classic red pants – Coloured pants are kind of our thing and what better colour for fall (and this little theme we’ve got going on) than red.

What are your kiddos (and yours!) fall wardrobe essentials?

Come back tomorrow as I’ll be talking about my own fall clothing favourites!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned, just sharing what Liam is wearing that we truly love. 

Liam Fashion

Liam Fashions: Summer Essentials

How is everyone enjoying the first few days of summer so far? I have to admit, while I love the hot sunny days of summer, I hate that summer solstice means the days start getting shorter again. I don’t hate that getting dressed is much easier in the mornings without having to worry about layers, for both Liam and I. Here’s some of the essentials in Liam’s wardrobe this season:

Liam Fashions Summer Essentials

  1. The Blue Jays Hat – It’s incredibly hard to find a good (read: not cartoon character) hat in toddler sizes so I was pretty thrilled to find this fitted Jays hat in Liam’s size. I kind of want the same one in my size now.
  2. T-Shirt Surf Car – What’s a Liam Fashions post without Wheat Kids Clothing? I snatched up this shirt on a spring sale and Liam loved it. He is obsessed with surf boards so it was perfect for him.
  3. Shorts Michael – I love Wheat Kids bottoms because they have adjustable waists so they always last more than one season. Bonus points for being great quality and super comfy.
  4. Graphic Tee – Old Navy is killing it with the band tshirts this summer. It’s incredibly difficult not to buy them all!
  5. Chino Shorts – also from Old Navy for a great price and adjustable waist so we can hopefully get them through next summer as well.

What are your summer wardrobe essentials?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned, just sharing what Liam is wearing that we truly love.