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Summer Fun & Lazy Rainy Days

This weekend I had absolutely no agenda and I wasn’t too concerned about having plans since I knew the next few weekends coming up are going to be super busy.

Friday night I was feeling absolutely exhausted when I got home from work and opted to have a nap. I know, I’m the lamest ever on a Friday night. I made up for it when a friend invited me to go see Savages at the theatre with some other people though. I was in! I thought it was a decent movie, but the guys thought it was going to be way  more action. I didn’t go in expecting to get a lot from it which is why I think I enjoyed it more than they did.

Saturday morning was the typical trip to the farmer’s market. I was disappointed that Mini Beans and Peppermint Andy’s weren’t there this week!  Afterwards I ran some errands and came home to do a bit of cleaning. After Layne helped me clean out the drain in my dishwasher I decided to run a cycle of vinegar and a cycle of baking soda through it to help clean it out even more. I’m hoping that will help it clean my dishes better even though I know it won’t help the super high pressure that thing puts out, leaving some of my dishes over turned and full of dirty water when I go to empty it. Anyone know if there’s a way to change that?

I had suggested to Cassandra that we take a trip out to Sylvan for the afternoon and do a round of mini golf and get some ice cream. That’s exactly what we did, which meant I got to cross one thing off my Last Summer Bucket List! It was a nice afternoon to go since it wasn’t blazing hot but it was still warm. While I’m typically bad at mini golf, I had a great time and even ended up winning which was shocking! We had a lot of fun.

Check out that concentration

It was funny when we got there and I noticed that Cassandra’s step daughter was wearing her ‘I’m going to be a big sister’ shirt. Since Cassandra isn’t showing yet, it probably looked like Rebecca belonged to me!

She's not with me, I swear!

After we finished a fun 18 holes, Rebecca decided she wanted to go to Menchies rather than get ice cream. She hadn’t been to Menchies yet and was excited to try it. I hadn’t been for a long time so it was nice to be reunited with my beloved fro-yo. Seeing that Mucho Burrito had opened up next door made me want to try, especially since I’ve heard good things about it.

Sunday I woke up to a rainy dreary day and had no desire to get out of bed, aside for the fact that my stomach was growling. I got up around 11 for a bowl of cereal before crawling back into my bed with a book. I finally decided to get ready for the day around 1 when I got a call to go for brunch with some friends, and then met up with another friend for coffee afterwards. It was a nice visit, we chatted for nearly 2 hours but could have probably sat there for another 2 more. I always enjoy a good coffee date.

Afterwards I decided I should finally tackle cleaning the condo even though I just wanted to crawl back into bed and read. Don’t judge me, I need to take advantage of lazy days while I still have them, because I won’t have them much longer! I did manage to get cleaning though. The last while I’ve been trying to use up my old chemical cleaning products and replace them with natural stuff. Today I was finally able to clean my shower using baking soda and vinegar. I HATE cleaning my shower. It always seems that no matter how hard I scrub I can never get it clean. It’s especially more difficult maneuvering with a giant belly in the way and it makes me wish I could pay someone JUST to clean my shower. While it still took a lot of scrubbing, I think my shower is actually completely clean after using the baking soda and vinegar! Feels good to know that not only am I cutting out harsh cleaners, it’s cheaper and more effective! Go natural!

I’m now done the cleaner and thinking I might curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and see what’s on Netflix. The week ahead is going to be a fun but busy one with Westerner Days festivities, a blogger meet up, UFC fights in Calgary and the Mud Hero! I can’t wait!

What did you get up to this weekend? Cross anything off your summer bucket list?
What is the one thing in your house you absolutely hate to clean?  


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Fitness Bucket List

Since I was away on holidays and not worrying about fitness for the past few days, I decided to do something different for today’s Workout Wednesday. I’ve been seeing fitness bucket lists pop up all over the blog world lately. I’ve been thinking about what I would put on mine for awhile but it’s hard for me to think of fitness goals while being pregnant. I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Here are some things I would like to achieve one day:

1) run a 10km race
2) run a half marathon
3) complete at least one obstacle race before I deliver my babe (I’m registered for the Mud Hero in July and the Spartan Race in August).
4) do a handstand without a wall
5) do unassisted pull ups
6) get certified to teach fitness
7) run the Color Me Rad race (was going to this year, but the Calgary race got cancelled)
8 ) run the Run For Your Lives zombie obstacle race
9) complete the downward dog with my heels on the ground
10) take a zumba class
11) take an aerial yoga class
12) compete in the crossfit open
13) not feel like my arms are the weakest ever
14) deadlift twice my body weight

While scrolling through other people’s bucket list items on Pinterest, I realized that I’ve accomplished some pretty sweet things already:

1) learn to surf
2) hold a plank for 5 minutes
3) finish a Spartan Race

What’s on your fitness bucket list? 

Bucket List Crossfit Healthy Living

Workout Wednesday: Running Progress!

Did I mention I’m currently on holidays right now?! Heck yes! All bragging aside, now onto the workouts…

Last Thursday’s Crossfit workout was decent. We started with front squats at 85%, 3×3. We tested our 1RM last time we did front squats and I settled at 95lbs, so I rolled with 85lbs for this. Felt heavy but was still doable. The WOD was a 7 minute AMRAP of max rep pull-ups and a 20m shuttle run. You only counted your pull-up reps. I hammered out 60 but of course I use two bands. One day I’d like to be able to do pull-ups unassisted. Maybe that’s something that should be on my fitness bucket list?

Friday afternoon my eyes were growing heavy in the afternoon again but I kept telling myself that I would not go home and have a nap and I would go for a run instead. I even tweeted it to keep myself accountable. I did get out for a run and it felt great. Still getting sore calves but I find that if I walk it out for a bit I am good to go. I downloaded a new running app called Endomondo that I really like. I previously always used Runmeter which was good, but Endomondo lets you choose what kind of workout you’re doing, choose a distance, time or calorie goal. It even spoke out at every mile and told me my time. I was doing 15 minute miles. I have no idea how good that is, or if it’s really terrible but I’ll take it. It was so nice out and aside from my tight legs I was feeling really good so I went a bit further this time than I have all summer. Hurray for not being lazy!

My parents were in town Saturday so we went for a father’s day dinner instead of celebrating on Sunday. I had no plans Sunday as Layne still wasn’t home. I decided to take advantage and slept in before heading off for a run. Look who’s turned into the cardio queen this week! This run felt even better than Friday’s and I managed to go even farther. My legs weren’t bugging me as much this time, although I still took some walking breaks, but I didn’t feel like quitting after 1km. Definitely happy with that. Only downfall is that I got a tiny blister from my Vibrams, not sure why.

I was excited to be able to do another run on Monday to see what I could accomplish, but a couple of things put the stop to that plan. First the weather wasn’t the greatest and I thought it may have to be an elliptical night, but then I was feeling super crappy after some blood work and decided that resting for the evening might be a better idea. Kind of disappointing since I won’t run again until I’m back from holidays.

Tuesday’s Crossfit workout was a brutal one and I knew it was karma’s punishment for staying out too late the night before. I know, I just said I decided resting would be better than running but I ended up going to a show at a neighborhood pub that ran kind of late. So I was feeling pretty tired when I got to the gym. We started with shoulder press at 75%. I thought I’d try 65lbs but that was proving too heavy for my tired body so went down to 55lbs. It was still a struggle to get through 5 rounds of 4. The WOD was rough too. 4 rounds of 10 power cleans, 200m run, 10 push jerk, 200, run and 10 kettlebell swings. Rough. I was dying after the second round. I finished in just under 20 minutes. Serves me right for staying out all night!

Today I am spending the day with my mom for a girls day for her belated Mother’s Day gift. I don’t know if I will make it for my first yoga class of the new session, but I’ll be there after I’m back from holidays next week!

And one last thing before I leave you, another Ryan Gossling/Crossfit meme for my fellow Crossfitters or anyone needing some eye candy: