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Hi! I’m Becky, the face behind The Bex Factor.  I’m a 30 something-year-old working mom to a goofy four-year-old with a love for fitness and my community.  My passions include leading a healthy lifestyle through yoga, running, various fitness classes and healthy eating, and discovering the best local things to eat, see and do.


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On October 15, 2012, I welcomed my son Liam into the world. He is known for stealing hearts of all ages with his long lashes and curly locks. He tests my patience daily, but it’s always balanced out with the sweetest hugs and kisses, and his hilarious antics. He’s a typical boy and a busy one at that, keeping me on my toes at all times. Since he’s come along I’ve learned (and am still learning) a lot about my patience and to enjoy all of the little moments. I love having a little sidekick to share life with and am excited for the adventures that lie ahead for us.



My fitness journey has changed drastically over the years. I started in college, needing to lose that dreaded Freshman 15 and hoping to find something I could call my own. I took numerous classes in the city, from dance to boot camps, to yoga, and did some jogging with friends. I eventually moved to a personal training gym, where I reached my peak fitness level. I was working out every day either at the gym, yoga or running and I loved every minute of it. I eventually turned to Crossfit when I needed a new challenge, and challenged I was. I fell in love and quickly formed a (hopefully) lifelong bond with it. Through Crossfit, I learned about the sport of obstacle races and then regular races.

Being a single mom working full time, I can no longer keep up the same workout regime. Instead, I utilize my lunch breaks at work to run,  after Liam goes to bed to get in a fitness video and squeeze in any kind of workout I can when he’s with his dad. I’ve learned that life is all about balance and sometimes you just can’t do everything, but every little bit still counts.



I absolutely love the city I live in. I moved to Red Deer, Alberta in 2004 to go to college and haven’t left. It’s the perfect location, an hour away from my parents and hometown, and an hour in either direction from two major cities. Red Deer is small enough that you still get the small town feel and sense of community, but large enough that there’s always something new to see or do. I love supporting local businesses, attending events when I can, and always being connected with the community.

 This blog has evolved from a creative outlet to documenting my fitness journey, pregnancy, and journey through parenthood. I love that it has grown to inspire others and become a voice for others to relate to. Thank you for stopping by and taking a glimpse into my life.



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    Yay for another canadian :0)We sound a lot alike !

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      Thanks for stopping by! Look forward to reading your blog. Come back soon!

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    Hey B…what it do!!?? Jason Foui here…I remembered you stopping by I just forgot to ever follow anything up. I did wonder about you though. Anyway someone pointed out to me your article and I wanted to say thanks! Thanks for the kind words and I appreciate the support. FYI if there’s anything I can ever do to help you, just let me know. Congrats on the blog Btw, very impressed. Good set up and I’m also impressed on the bands you’ve seen. Missing a few tho haha…Really impressed tho. Jason liquidkids@hotmail.com

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    Yay for Canadian Bloggers! So glad I found your blog!

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    Wahoo for an Albertan blogger! Stumbling across your blog has made my day 🙂

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      Awesome! Always good to connect with fellow Alberta bloggers! Thanks for stopping by!

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    I LOVE the updated page!! Looks great! xx

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    Found your blog through Brie! On my faves list now 🙂

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      Awesome! Thanks for stopping by. I love finding new blogs!

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    Just saw your blog, awesome!!!! I’m excited to blog swap with you for Chirstmas!

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      Same! Did you get my email response? Sometimes my email goes to junk mail so make sure you check just in case!!

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