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Life Happens and That’s Ok

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It’s no surprise that my life has changed dramatically over the last couple years, especially when it comes to my definition of healthy living. I’ve gone from working out 6+ times a week doing Crossfit, yoga, and running, to sporadic home workouts here and there. Over the last couple years since returning to work after mat leave, I’ve gone in waves of being super consistent working out 5-6 days a week, to going weeks between workouts. It’s definitely been a struggle for me to find steady balance in the fitness department.

Life happens.

My workout time is limited to evenings where I have only a couple hours after Liam is in bed to workout, blog, tidy the house, shower, etc. Sometimes that window is shortened when the toddler drags bedtime out for far too long, which is becoming increasingly frequent these days. Sometimes I’m just exhausted after a full day of work and parenting. I rarely take time to sit down and just relax. No matter what happens, there just never seems to be enough time and I’m always left battling with the voice telling me ‘no excuses’.


But there are, it’s called life. Life happens.

I’ve beat myself up about it, compared myself to others in similar situations that kill it with their workouts, showered myself in guilt and have sworn at those fitspo posts shaming me for not being able to get shredded on top of everything else going on in my life. One of the most humbling lessons you learn as a parent is that you can’t possibly do everything. You have to take a look at your priorities and focus on what’s most important. Before Liam, fitness was absolutely my #1 priority. Now? Liam is my priority. I want to give him my full attention when we’re together which means everything else gets put on hold. It’s time to work on finding a balance between relaxing in the evenings, blogging, and working out because cramming all three into one evening every day just isn’t working and I’m finally ready to admit that. That doesn’t mean I want to give up fitness altogether, but it means maybe I need to be kinder to myself (another post all on its own) and balance my workout time and relax time a little better.

I’ve decided that I’m done setting myself up to fail. It’s not feasible for me to run myself ragged trying to keep up with workouts every day. I’m done comparing myself to others who can somehow manage to do it all because their situation is different than mine. Their priorities are different than mine. I’m ready to accept that life happens and that fitting in two or three solid workouts a week, instead of 5 or 6, and letting myself relax a couple nights is ok. I’m a better mother when I allow myself time rest and relax, with much more patience than when I’m worrying about all the things I should be doing or exhausted because I don’t ever stop.

Life happens and that’s ok.


Road Trippin’ with a Toddler

Last month’s trip to Waterton marked the longest road trip Liam and I have taken on our own (without my parents to help). It was just over four hours of driving and we managed to do it all without issue. I’m proud of Liam for being such a trooper on a long drive, especially when his attention span is all over the place these days.



Here’s my tips for surviving a road trip with a toddler:

  1. Leave during nap time. This is the biggest reason why we had such a successful trip. Both on the way down and the way home I left shortly after lunch time, when he would normally go down for a nap. Liam slept for an hour on the way down and almost three hours on the way home!! It was amazing.
  2. Bring all of the snacks and keep them within your reach. I had a bag on the passenger seat beside me full of snacks and other things. I find that snacks that take time to eat (think things in small pieces – raisins, crackers, etc) keep them busy for longer.
  3. Treat them to a new toy – On this trip, Liam got a couple Paw Patrol figures from a friend that I surprised him with when he woke up on the way down. He was so excited about them and they held his attention the rest of the way.
  4. Talk about the scenery along the way. Liam seems to have a deep appreciation for nature (be still my heart) and we have a great time talking about what we see on our drives. I point out different animals we pass, different trees, talk about the mountains, rivers, lakes, look for trains, etc. Upon turning off the highway towards Waterton National Park Liam exclaimed, “The colours! It’s beautiful!” I love teaching him to appreciate nature while we travel.
  5. If all else fails, bring an ipad or portable dvd player. I had it handy in the front seat with me but didn’t end up needing to bring it out in the car on this trip.


Knowing how well he did on this drive, makes me confident that we can tackle more road trips in the future. He’s already been talking about where we could go next and I’m thinking it might have to be another mountain trip!

What are your tips for a successful road trip with little ones?

Disclaimer: The #ABBloggersRetreat was sponsored and funded by Chinook County Tourism in partnership with the Town of Waterton and Travel Alberta. All opinions are my own.

Bucket List

Autumn Bucket List

We’re already a couple weeks into fall but I thought it would be fun to share some things I want to do before we are in full blown winter. Which after spending the evening at the park with Liam, feels like could hit tomorrow. Ugh.

Autumn bucket list

Luckily we’ve already knocked one item off when we did the pumpkin hunt at Heritage Ranch on the weekend. I’m excited for Halloween activities coming up and hope the weather will hold out for the rest of our outdoor activities.

What’s on your list of fun things to do this fall?