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Fitness Friday: The 14 Day Yoga Shred Challenge

Well hey there, Friday! Where did you come from? My workload at work has improved dramatically over the past year and my days seem to fly by too quickly. No complaints here, I’m happy for another full weekend with Liam!

Tomorrow he starts swimming lessons again. I really hope he doesn’t freak out this time, but we haven’t been to the pool for awhile so he’s pretty excited to go. And I’m pretty excited to rock my new bathing suit. Beyond that, we don’t really have any other firm plans. I’m hoping the weather will hold up so we can enjoy some time outside at the park.

Before I caught the plague, I had started a 14-day yoga shred via Since I got sick halfway through and didn’t participate in any activity aside from napping and drinking juice, I figured I would just start over again. Now that I am finally done, I thought I would share my thoughts about the program with you.

14 Day Yoga Shred

After I posted my How To Do Yoga At Home post, a reader mentioned and how much she thought I would enjoy some of the programs on there. I checked out immediately and was excited to see that one of my favourite instructors, Sadie Nardini was featured on the site AND had a free program.

Sign me up!

The 14 Day Yoga Shred is a quick and dirty way to fire up your metabolism and get deep into your core, to help you increase your heart rate and burn calories. The workouts are all less than 15 minutes long, making it hard to come up with an excuse not to do them. Along with the videos, you can track your progress through the program, connect with hundreds of other challengers, and receive daily emails with tips and tricks to be successful in your program. It really is a fool-proof resource for anyone looking to shake things up a bit.

One thing I noticed throughout the program was that some of the workouts seemed fairly easy and beginner level. With such a short workout, I then questioned how effective it would be for someone at my level. I think this would be a great program for someone just getting back into working out or yoga, but would definitely supplement with some additional cardio or weight training if you’re a bit more experienced.


- it’s FREE! has a few programs to choose from, some are premium but there are a few that are free.

– The challenge is short. The whole challenge is 14 days (duh, that’s why it’s the 14 day yoga shred) but the workouts themselves are only 10 minutes long. Everyone has 10 minutes in their day to fit this in. There’s no excuse

– The site allows you to track and share your completed workouts which, along with the daily emails, definitely helps keep you accountable and makes you feel accomplished when you’re done.

– Sadie Nardini is a total bad-ass babe. I absolutely love her style.

- You can’t access the videos offline. You’ll need to make sure you have a wifi connection to be able to follow along.

– Not enough of a challenge for more experienced folks. As I said, I wouldn’t recommend this as your only activity.

All in all, I really enjoyed the program. While I don’t feel like it was affective for me on it’s own, I would definitely look into Sadie’s regular (paid) programs again alongside some extra cardio and strength training. That being said, those core videos were no joke and I was definitely sore the next day!

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Namaste. 



Personality On Display with CanvasPop

If you could choose one single photo to represent yourself, what would it look like? 

It’s rare for me to get a decent photograph of my little toddler tornado these days, let alone one photo that’s bursting with his personality. My amazing day home provider captured this photo one morning a couple weeks ago and I’m so happy she shared it with me.


The unruly hair, the Toddler Days graphic tee, flexing with one arm, the beloved cow under the other, bean scoop in his pocket, mismatched socks, his squishy cheeks and that little smirk. The personality is just oozing out of this colourful snap. That’s my Liam, 100%.

When CanvasPop gave me the opportunity to create a custom canvas print, there was no question what picture to use. I immediately sent off my order and in less than a week it was at my door. Even Liam was excited to see it and point out all of his favourite things. “Look at the scoop in my pocket!” he said giggling.

I loved how easy it was to navigate through the website, how friendly the customer service was and how fast the product arrived. The whole process start to finish was seamless. The print quality was also amazing. You would never know that it was a simple iPhone photo turned into a canvas print. I also loved the card on the back that said ‘hand crafted by Steve’. Thanks, Steve! The little personal touches like that is what sets a company apart from the rest and keeps me coming back.

We set out to find the perfect place to hang in. Liam wasn’t much help because he thought every place I suggested was good. Ultimately it ended up on the fireplace mantle to bring an extra little pop of color to the living room. (As a side note, if anyone has any mantle decorating tips and extra wine corks to fill my vase, send them my way!).


CanvasPop is offering a 35% discount code for you to create your own canvas print using code TBF35 before May 15, 2015. That’s not all. They are generously gifting one of my readers their own 16×20 canvas stretched on a 0.75″ frame depth (valued at $80) and includes the cost of shipping as well! Use the widget below to enter.
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Weekend Recap

Another Monday. Liam and I had a pretty good weekend, despite a few ups and downs. I’m happy that I got to spend the ENTIRE weekend with him, and no plans so we were free to do whatever we wanted!

Friday was an early day at the day home, but instead of going to do anything, we just came home to hang out. I made supper and Liam played and I attempted to get Liam to bed at his ‘regular’ time. Since Daylight Savings, he’s been staying up closer to 8 and sometimes later, but waking up at 6 and sometimes earlier (he used to sleep from 7pm to 7-8am solid). The later he stays up, the earlier he wakes up so I wanted him to go to bed at his regular time in hopes that he would sleep in on Saturday.

Not so much luck. Liam was awake at 5:50. I asked him to please go play quietly in his room if he didn’t want to sleep anymore because it was too early to be awake. I was able to lie in bed until 6:30 when he started yelling that he was done and he wanted to get up. The usual weekend routine commenced. I put on some cartoons for Liam while I made coffee and made some breakfast. I’m getting a break from watching Big Hero 6 over and over since Liam’s been wanting to watch The Lion King and Madagascar. We got ourselves ready for the day after breakfast and headed out to Cafe O’Play for a visit with Cassandra and the gang. We were really hoping the weather was nicer so we could have sat outside at Cool Beans and let the boys play out in the sandbox instead but we probably would have blown away in the intense wind.

CAfe O'Play

The cafe is the perfect spot to visit with your mom friends while the kiddos run wild. I love that Cassandra and I could sit and share a cup of coffee without having to referee the boys fighting over toys. Obviously some of that still happens, but it’s still a nice option. We hung out at the cafe until it closed at noon and then went to get groceries before coming home for lunch and nap time. I randomly discovered I have a food allergy after the salad I picked up for lunch at the grocery store made my throat itch, and then I threw up, causing my throat to itch again. Instead of getting anything accomplished during Liam’s nap I decided to just chill out after that little episode. I’m going to have to talk to my doctor about it because it was such an intense and random reaction, I’m afraid that next time it could be anaphylactic. Scary.

After nap time we just hung out together. Liam helped me with a bit of cleaning in between playing. I spent the evening finishing Season 3 of Homeland.

I realized that Liam starts swimming lessons in a week and my booty had unfortunately outgrown my old bathing suit. We headed out early so I could get that out of the way and we could enjoy the rest of the day since the wind was gone and the sun was out. I was dreading buying a new bathing suit since I’m not exactly loving my body right now, but I managed to find a really cute one piece at Old Navy. Bonus, it was on sale and super cheap! As I was leaving the change room, I spotted the pretty floral maxi dress Tawnya had posted a few weeks ago. I didn’t think it was the right style for me but its was such a pretty print and 50% I decided to try it on just to see. In the change room, Liam gasped and said “You look so pretty mama”. Obviously I had to buy the dress. Tawnya, we can be twinning now ;)


Tis the season for floral everything

Liam ended up throwing a HUGE tantrum after we left Old Navy. He didn’t want to do anything fun I suggested but screamed louder the closer we got to home. Not sure what the deal was but I left him to work it out and he crawled into bed and fell asleep. Maybe his 6am wake-ups finally caught up to him. In the meantime I ate lunch, did some blog work, folded laundry, did yoga, prepped supper, and finally sat down to watch more Homeland since everything else on my list was checked off.

He finally woke up three hours later and had a quick snack before we headed out the door again. I heard our favourite ice cream shop was open for the season and I just had to take Liam for his first ice cream cone. I’d been keeping him off dairy to see if it helped with his constant colds for over a year now. Clearly it hasn’t made any difference so why keep him from the best summer treat ever.

ice cream

I very much enjoyed watching Liam his first ice cream cone, and getting covered head to toe in purple ice cream (he chose grape). He sat there quietly holding my hand while he licked his ice cream, then looked up at me and said “You’re my best friend”. Seriously, this kid is melting me faster than his ice cream cone in the sun today. We then headed off to our favourite park to burn off the ice cream crazies. Liam’s little best buddy met us there for a play date and we stayed for far too long. Those two boys are so sweet together.


It was such a perfect day and I felt like my heart was incredibly full.  I’m so glad that Liam and I could have this full weekend together and am already looking forward to another full weekend together next weekend.