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Fitness Friday: Meeting John Stanton

Bare with me if this post makes little sense. I’m writing on about four hours of broken sleep. Liam threw up in bed in the middle of the night so there was consoling and laundry happening during the wee hours of the morning. *yawn*

At least it wasn’t yesterday that I was at home with a sick kiddo, or I would have missed a great opportunity to listen to John Stanton give a keynote address at the Festival of Trees Business Luncheon. I was thrilled when I was given the chance to go for work. John was a fantastic speaker and told the story of how the Running Room came to be. It was an inspiring story both on the personal side and business side. John went from being an overweight smoker to a marathon runner and used that to start his business out of an old house and growing it into a successful business with 137 stores throughout Canada and the US. Suddenly I was inspired to work hard on my running goals and am even more excited to return to the Calgary Marathon in May in search of a new PR.


Everyone in attendance received a copy of one of John’s books, Running: The Complete Guide to Building Your Training Program. There is so much great information in this book for runners of all levels. I’m really excited to dig into it and learn how to improve my running. Even more exciting, John was doing autographs after the event so I made sure I jumped into line to get my book signed. We had a quick chat about my training and goals and I left feeling very inspired. I wanted to grab a photo with him as well, but I managed to grab a couple extra books to get signed and didn’t want to hold up the line any longer.


Have you read any of John’s books before? If not, here’s your chance. I snagged an extra copied, got it signed and am giving it away to one lucky reader! Just follow the prompts below and I’ll announce the winner on Monday!


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And now onto my week of workouts:
Spin at One Cycle with Ange


Upper Fix

Lower Fix & some handstand practice

Off – was at a work event all night

I was suppose to either run or go to yoga at lunch, but since I’m not at work today, I’ll be throwing in Dirty 30 Fix once Liam sleeps.

How was your week of workouts? 

Liam Fashion

Liam Fashions: Winter Essentials

I put the call out on Twitter a few weeks ago for any reader requests. I love when you guys speak up, so don’t be shy and let me know what you want to read about!

It was mentioned that it had been awhile since there were any Liam Fashions on the blog. Let me tell you, it’s a little difficult getting any quality photos of this kid these days. Not only does he hardly stay still, but when I say I’m going to take his picture, he runs to get his camera to reciprocate. And so comes the flat lay.

I wanted to share some of our favourite pieces now that we are transitioning into winter. Living where we do, we all know winter means bundling up with lots of layers. Here are some of my essentials for Liam

Liam Fashions_ Winter Essentials

  1. Knit Kalle Sweater from Wheat Canada – This is a super soft sweater that can be worn over a tee or on it’s own. My favourite part? The elbow patches of course.
  2. Kawaii Camera from Whistle & Flute – for my little photographer
  3. Down Snorkel Jacket from Gap – I can’t get over how cute this jacket actually is on.
  4. Twill Trousers from H&M – I love pairing neutral tops with coloured pants for both myself and Liam. I always buy these pants in a size up since they have an elastic waist and will end up fitting Liam for at least a year, if not longer.
  5. Beanie from Slouch Headwear – This is my go to beanie for Liam, although it’s only cotton so definitely not meant for playing outside on a cold day.
  6. Duck Boots from Gap – This is the second year I’ve bought these boots for Liam. They are comfortable, warm and we receive so many compliments on how cute they are. Plus this year, Liam is able to put them on all by himself!


What are your favourite pieces in your (or your littles) wardrobes this year?


Weekend Recap

After a couple pretty bland weekends, I finally got up to some fun!

I can barely remember back to Friday night. Liam and I hung out until bed time where I proceeded to watch the week’s episode of Scandal (so sad it’s done until February now) and the first episode of Garfunkel and Oates, thanks to Ange for sending me this video.

Liam slept in until almost 7:30 which meant that we didn’t have time to laze around before swimming lessons. Getting out the door was a party since Liam decided he didn’t want to go and I had to pin him down to get him dressed and then football carried him out of the house kicking and screaming. I really wished my coffee was spiked with Baileys that morning.

I was very thankful for the substitute instructor Liam had who just grabbed him and carried him off when he didn’t want to go with her. He did fine after that. When he was done swimming, he went to his dads (we both go to swimming lessons) and I made a quick grocery shopping trip, threw some laundry in, packed an overnight bag and headed down the highway to Calgary.

I did a bit of shopping in the city, including a stop at the new Blame Betty location. I really didn’t need anything (do I ever), but the prettiest lace dress came home with me for my upcoming Christmas party. I need to get it hemmed though since it falls right at my knees and makes me look like a midget.


Don’t mind the resting bitch face. 

The rest of the evening was spent with Ange (and Merlin). She was hosting a Stella & Dot party and I was mostly enticed by socializing and wine. I met a couple other bloggers I have interacted with for a while, Crystal and Leana which was great. Plus there was enough snacks to feed an army and plenty of wine.

Ange and I were up until after midnight chatting, which is past both of our bedtimes.

We were up early, caffeinated and off for spin class. It felt really good to get such a great workout done so early. Sunday’s are the best for that. We went back to Ange’s condo for more coffee and much needed showers.

I had plans to meet some family for brunch so I had to head off. I met up with my dad, grandma and uncle at Boxwood Cafe. It was an amazing little farm to plate restaurant downtown and I highly recommend going.

By this point I was fading fast from a late night and hardcore workout. The drive home seemed daunting but I made it and picked up Liam around 4. We spent the evening hanging out before bed. He wouldn’t let me make supper since he wasn’t hungry and just wanted to play. Fine by me, I was too lazy to cook anyways.

Once he was tucked in bed, I threw together a quick pita pizza for one and did a bit of prep for lunches this week before tucking myself in to bed early with some tea and my book. You know it was a good weekend when you come home exhausted!