Sunday Runday #64


This morning, Liam got invited over to his friend’s place to play with her and her new kitty while Mary and I went for our Sunday run. He was so thrilled, he didn’t even care that he didn’t get to come running with us like he originally wanted.

Mary and I headed to one of my favourite trails in the city for a chilly 4.5km. When I checked the temperature before leaving, it was only -2 but it felt much colder and I wish I would have worn something over my ears. It’s difficult transitioning into running in the colder temperatures and figuring out what to wear again.

One of my favourite features of my watch is seeing how well I recover after a run or workout. Apparently today I didn’t recover as well as usual, though….


Did you get out to run today?

If you’re new to Sunday Runday, it’s a weekly running date for anyone and everyone to join. It doesn’t matter the distance, the time if you’re brand new or a seasoned marathoner, heck you don’t even need to run. Walk, jog, run, spin, lift, bend, move. The point is just to have fun and motivate each other to get on our feet. Get out there snap a pic, and send me your mini recap to becky at thebexfactor dot com before 7pm MST every single Sunday to be featured in this post. Or, post to social media and share the link below. If you’re a fellow blogger, grab the banner and join the link-up with your favourite run chat from the week!

Healthy Living

Fitness Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m yelling because I’m especially excited for the weekend. It’s felt like a longer week than usual without Liam so I’m excited for him to be back with my tomorrow. It’s his last swimming lesson of this session and I’m hoping to take him to do something fun to celebrate. Then on Sunday the amazing Tawnya is coming to spend the afternoon with us for some photos.

Let’s talk about fitness, shall we? This week Jess and I headed to our second stop in our Where to Workout in Red Deer series, 30 Minute Hit. 30 Minute Hit is a women’s only kickboxing/boxing circuit workout. I’ve ton a couple cardio kickboxing classes and it just hasn’t been my jam so I went into this thinking that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. Let me tell you, after three classes I changed my tune. I’ve been in a terrible mood this week as a result of personal stresses, hormones and the dreary weather we’ve been having but it’s greatly improved after spending half an hour kicking and punching my heart out. On top of that, I wake up every morning feeling like I was on the receiving end of those kicks and jabs so I know that I’m getting an amazing workout.

Sunday Runday – 5k with Mary



30 Minute Hit intro session – this is mandatory for all new members to learn the moves done at all of the circuits. It’s about half learning and half working out.

30 Minute Hit – this was the full meal deal. I worked myself into a sweaty mess!

30 Minute Hit – I woke up dead. Absolutely dead. My core, shoulders, arms, everything hurt. I didn’t think I’d make it through another circuit but somehow I did. And I felt amazing after. I did pop into Bond Nutrition, to pick up some new BCAA’s to help with muscle recovery. I’m realizing that it’s quite a shock to my body to go from home workouts to a week of something totally new and Jonathan from Bond has helped me find a great product that will not only aid in my recovery but give me a bit of an energy boost during my workouts as well.

30 Minute Hit
I’m also toying with the idea of hitting up the yoga and beer class at the brewery if there’s still room.


Make sure you stay tuned for the full post about what to expect at 30 Minute Hit in the next couple weeks. I’ll go into more details about how the studio and the circuits work. In the meantime, you can find me in the bathtub soaking in Epsom salts to soothe my aching body. Or practicing my roundhouse kicks because those things are super cathartic.

Have you ever tried boxing or kickboxing? 

What was the last new fitness class you tried?





Dear Liam,

You’re four! I wish I could slow time down because the past four years have flown by way too quickly. I can hardly remember what my life was life before you came into it and I feel lost on the days you’re not home. Every day I am thankful you chose me to be your mama and am proud of the person you’re growing up to be.

You’re certainly growing up and your toddler days are long gone. At the beginning of the year, you said goodbye to diapers and pull-ups, the final step in becoming a big boy. You’ve been finding more and more of your independence over the last year. You have fun picking out your own outfits and I admit you do a pretty good job of styling yourself most days. You like to be ‘fabulous’ or ‘fancy’ and get the cutest bashful expression when I tell you how handsome you are. You return those compliments too, melting my heart whenever you call me pretty or beautiful. You get a kick out of our matching articles of clothing still and I milk it for what it’s worth because I know those days are numbered.

You’re growing far too quickly and I’m scared that it will only be a few more years until you’re taller than I am. You’re currently 3’6 and just shy of 40 pounds. You’re almost too heavy to be carried and I’ll be blaming future hip and back problems on giving in when you ask to be picked up. You’re wearing size four clothes but moving into size five. I even just bought something from the ‘boys’ section instead of the ‘toddler’ section. I wish I could keep you little forever, it would certainly be easier on my wallet.

You’re the biggest kid at your day home now but you play so well with all the other kids. You love your day home buddies and are always such a good helper. I’m often told by other parents (and generally anyone that comes across you) that you’re such a sweet boy. It makes my heart swell with pride knowing you have such a kind heart and tender soul. Despite only seeing each other a few times a year, your friendship with your little best friend Caden is still as strong as ever. I was afraid that his move to Calgary would eventually lead to drifting apart, but you two pick right up where you left off whenever you get together as if no time has passed. You love to go to the park to make new friends with the older kids and especially like following around the girls. This will be dangerous in the future. You love babies and I love watching you interact with them. Of course, your love for animals is still going strong. I wish we could have a dog or a cat, so you could have a pet of your own. One day I will give you a bigger house with a big backyard and lots of space to have a pet of your own to love.

You still love music, art, dancing and theatrics. Oh, the theatrics. You’re so full of drama, both good and bad. You often have me and your grandparents in stitches, laughing at your silly antics and the things you say. I hope that you will pursue acting when you’re older because you are definitely good at it now. Even though you don’t paint as much as you used to, you still like to pick up a marker to creative. You just recently showed me that you know how to draw people when you drew portraits of our whole family. Words can’t describe the pride I feel watching you show off new skills and I can’t wait to see what other pictures you draw in the future. Of course, your creative play is balanced out with the typical boy stuff. Superheros, ninjas, pirates and fighting bad guys all day long. While you have no interest in playing sports, I think that martial arts will be good for you and you’re excited to start jujitsu in a couple weeks. While we didn’t get to run any races together this year, you love practicing your running with me and pretending to race. You may even take up an interest in weight lifting one day as you’re always mimicking me lifting weights and talk about working on making your muscles strong.

Thankfully, you actually love eating spinach and greens because we tell you they help make you stronger. Sometimes I’m surprised by the things you will eat and won’t eat. You still love your yogurt and help yourself to a cup of yogurt almost every morning. If you had your way, your diet would consist of nothing but fruit, pizza, cheesy bunnies (Annie’s mac & cheese), popsicles and perogies. You love kombucha and will drink a litre of it in a week if I let you. I think you will go through farmers market withdrawals without your weekly perogie breakfast and kombucha refill.

This year you upgraded from a toddler bed to a double bed, which makes it so much easier to snuggle you to sleep which you want me to do every night. I resisted this for a long time because I thought it was a bad habit to get into with you, but realized that there will be a time where you won’t want me to snuggle you at all and I’ll take all of those snuggly moments that I can. I love that you want to talk before bed, even though I know it’s a stall tactic, we have some of our best conversations or silly moments lying there together. I can’t wait for all of the conversations and silly moments that lie ahead as you continue to learn and grow.

I love you to the moon and back, Liam. Happy birthday.