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I Quit Tinder

I Quit Tinder. Alternately Titled: What Not To Put On Your Tinder Profile

It seems that the only way to connect with people these days is online or through your mobile device. I’ve always held this fantasy that I’d meet my future husband in that stereotypical meet-cute* way of the movies, in line at a coffee shop or at the grocery store. But let’s be real, most of my adult friendships have been made by way of internet connections, so how can I expect to meet my future husband organically offline.

I Quit Tinder

At this point in my life, I’m done dating for the heck of dating. I’m ready to settle down and find that person to share my life with until the end of time and I have a hard time finding myself in places with new, single people to meet and engage with. I decided to jump on the Tinder train in its early days to see what would happen. I wasn’t quite ready to jump into the paid online dating services but knew that the Plenty of Fish pool wasn’t for me so this seemed like a good compromise.

I was lucky enough to connect with a few fellas and even managed to go on some really nice dates with a couple of them but in the end, I realized that Tinder is a game I just wasn’t ready to play. By the time I said goodbye to the app for good, it was being used as an entertainment tool with girlfriends and a bottle of wine rather than a way to find potential dates. Thanks to AppleTV, we could swipe through Tinder profiles on the big screen and cringe at all the terrible, unoriginal male profiles together.

Here’s why we swiped left:

  • Photos with tigers are not original. Neither is your picture from Macchu Picchu.
  • Your photos featuring you smoking, drinking or doing drugs are disgusting
  • We do not care about your car or jacked up truck
  • Nor do we think it’s appropriate to take selfies in your car or jacked up truck
  • White sunglasses. Don’t wear them.
  • That time you were in a wedding in Mexico.
  • Flash on selfies in the gym mirror. Why?
  • Every single photo is a group shot. So, do we get to date everyone?
  • You clearly cropped out the girl in the photo. She’s your ex-girlfriend, isn’t she?
  • We like the ab shots, but we’d like to see your face. You know, the part we can have a conversation with.
  • What are you hiding under your hat and sunglasses? A terrible personality?
  • Every single photo is a selfie. Do you not have any friends? Ones that could take a photo for you?
  • You’re fingering the camera. Why?
  • Guys especially should not be making kissy or duck faces
  • Congratulations on doing a Spartan Race like everyone else in the last five years
  • Your scanned photo from 2013 makes us think you don’t look like that anymore.
  • Dead animals are gross and make us sad. Enough with the hunting photos.

There were a lot of icky profiles to swipe through before a girl could come across someone who seemed interesting enough to take a chance on. Even when there was a match, the chances were that person only wanted a hookup or had no interest in having a conversation. At the end of the day, while I’d had some great laughs with my girlfriends, I wasn’t any closer to finding a meaningful connection and I decided my time was best spent focusing on the things I love doing and less on trying to find the perfect profile.

I still haven’t made that meet-cute connection, but at least my time isn’t wasted swiping through cringe-worthy profiles anymore.

*A meet cute is a fictional scene, typically in film or television, in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing.


A Day in the Kidless Life

As a single parent, I have to share my time with my son. Currently, we are on a one-week rotation which leaves me with a very long stretch of time to myself. The first thing anyone says to me is, “that must be nice to have a break”. And I guess maybe it is nice that I get a week to go to yoga, clean my house, run errands, try and catch up with friends. But I’d rather be a mom during that time and it’s incredibly difficult to wake up in an empty house, to come home to an empty house and generally just be without my partner in crime. So I back my days with as much as possible to keep me occupied so I’m not left with that overwhelming emptiness.

That said, here’s a glimpse of what my day is like when Liam is away.
6:00- alarm goes off. I shut it off and roll over. I’m too lazy to change my alarm on the days I don’t have Liam so I just set the second one and deal with it.

6:30 – second alarm goes off. I scroll through social media, which is the worst habit of mine I know. I roll my eyes at the email pitches I’ve received. Why do so many people think bloggers are vehicles to promote others for nothing in return. Delete. I’m still so sleepy and shut my eyes for a few more minutes.

7:00 – I finally haul my lazy butt out of bed to get ready for the day. I’m rockin’ day three hair which is probably one day too long for me but I’m getting my hair done later today so I deal with it.

7:30 – Making breakfast, packing my snacks for work (Skyre yogurt with frozen blueberries), and trying to figure out how to add a custom dashboard for Google Analytics. I’m doing a one-week course to learn more about Google Analytics and SEO. I’m pretty good with SEO but there’s so much information on Google Analytics and I need to learn how to utilize it better. I need to set up a call with the instructor so she can help me figure out why it’s not working

7:45 – I’m off to work. I think to myself that I really need to get back to walking to work in the mornings since my office is only a 10-15 minute walk from my condo. Beats the 30 minutes of driving in the morning when I have to take Liam to the day home.

8:00– work work work work work work

12:00 – I head home for lunch and make a copycat Chopped Leaf Sunshine Salad without the goddess dressing. If anyone has a good goddess dressing recipe, please let me know! I should have used this time to finish up the SMBRD recap, but instead, I continue to try and figure out what my issue is with Google Analytics. After chatting with a help desk analyst, I get it working just in the nick of time and head back to work. I forgot to take a photo but basically, it would look the same as the one from breakfast, with different stuff in the bowl.

1:00 – work work work work work work

4:30 – work day is done, time to head home! First thing first, changing into something comfortable. I through on some crops and a tank since I plan to go to yoga later. I whip up a Buddha bowl with peanut dressing for supper. I spent Sunday shredding carrots and beets and cooking chicken and rice so I can just throw stuff in a bowl throughout the week. It’s like being able to eat the same thing throughout the week rather than cooking something new every night when Liam is home.

5:00 – I put some eggs to boil to make some sriracha egg salad for lunch tomorrow. I plan to use this recipe from Budget Bytes. I hustle to get done the SMBRD blog post so it can go live tonight but I’m distracted with also trying to draft this blog post and work on the SEO homework for the day now that I’m caught up. I don’t get much accomplished before I need to go.  I wish I had more time to work on another blog post that I had intended to publish today, but alas, I need about 10 more hours in a day to be able to accomplish all the things.

5:30 – I head out to my hair appointment. I think the last time I had my hair done was in October so it’s definitely time. I love letting my hairdresser have free reign over my hair and am excited to see what she does this time!

Yup, still need those eyebrows waxed. That’ll happen next month for sure. And the finished product:

And the finished product:

7:30- My hair appointment went longer than anticipated and I missed my favourite yoga class so I head straight home to finish the SMBRD post. You can check it out and any others here.

8:30 – I realized I still needed to actually make the egg salad. Halfway through making it I realized I had bought an actual jar of sriracha mayo and I could have avoided mixing the dressing. I think it’s time for bed. I get that finished and am excited to eat it with some salad and toast tomorrow. Load and program the dishwasher to start in the middle of the night and make sure Liam’s swimming stuff is packed and ready for tomorrow (I still take him to his lessons when he’s with his dad).

9:00 – Bedtime. I pour myself into bed in hopes of finishing the last 60 or so pages of my book so I can return it tomorrow and start one of four other books I currently have out from the library.

10:00 – I finished! I spend a couple minutes texting with a friend before going to sleep.

What does a typical day look like for you? 
Do you like these posts? Should I do them more often?

Healthy Living Where to Workout in Red Deer

Where to Workout in Red Deer: 360 Fitness

Hey, everyone!  It’s Jessica with Bond Nutrition taking over to talk all about our experience at 360 Fitness!  Jack Wheeler and all the crew at 360 Fitness were so welcoming and set us up quickly and efficiently with a personal trainer for 3 sessions and this beautiful gym did not disappoint!
360 Fitness Red Deer

About 360 Fitness

The mission at 360 Fitness is simple – to change lives.  Their goal is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for everybody and help them achieve their dreams through personal training, nutrition, motivation, accountability, and support. If you feel like you’ve tried everything (other gyms, fad diets, etc) with little to no success, then 360 is the place for you, no matter what your goals or athletic abilities are.  360 Fitness is in the results business –  or your money back.  That IS simple!

What 360 Fitness Offers

360 Fitness offers personal training and small group training.  To begin, they offer a free consultation with a personal trainer.  All programs come with an assessment and nutrition planning.  They also offer challenges throughout the year, like the 21 Day Challenge in January and The Little Black Dress Challenge in December.
360 Fitness Red Deer


Personal training:
2x per week 4-month package: $390.02 per month
2x per week 8-month package: $372.17 per month
2x per week 12-month package: $345.40 per month
3x per week 4-month package: $523.90 per month
3x per week 8-month package: $488.20 per month
3x per week 12-month package: $443.57 per month
4x per week 4-month package: $613.15 per month
4x per week 8-month package: $577.45 per month
4x per week 12-month package: $523.90 per month
Semi-Private training:
2x per week 4-month package: $300.77 per month
2x per week 8-month package: $282.92 per month
2x per week 12-month package: $256.15 per month
3x per week 4-month package: $381.10 per month
3x per week 8-month package: $363.25 per month
3x per week 12-month package: $336.47 per month
4x per week 4-month package: $470.35 per month
4x per week 8-month package: $452.50 per month
4x per week 12-month package: $425.72 per month


Monday – Friday: 6am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm

What I/We Loved

There was so much I loved about our time at 360 that I hardly know where to start!  Firstly, the space is GORGEOUS with exposed brick walls, slightly industrial feel and top of the line equipment – including a climbing peg board, mats, TRX equipment and other “fun” stuff!  The gym and change room were always clean.  The front desk staff always greeted us with a friendly hello and we always felt like we were taken care of.
In all my years of going to the gym, I’ve never trained with a personal trainer before.  I can see why people love it!  If time is valuable to you, personal training is the option for you!  Sessions are a half hour, but all I had to do is train. My trainer did the rest of the work – designed my program, loaded my barbell, got my dumbbells, would spot me, even will count my reps for me… there is literally nothing left to do but train!  100% of my focus was on crushing my workout, which meant an incredibly effective workout.
I feel like this post would be incomplete if we didn’t mention our trainer Ben.  360 likes to make sure you are paired with a trainer that’s right for you and Ben was a great fit for us.  Both Becky and I have a fairly high fitness level, so he designed our workouts around our fitness level.  He even pushed us and challenged us to try new things and to step out our comfort zone.  It was a perfect blend of stuff we knew mixed with new stuff.
Another cool thing – they have a protein smoothie bar and have a fresh smoothie waiting for you after your workout!  Seriously, every little detail is taken care of in this facility.

For More 360 Fitness





PS. Did we mention they have a location in Sherwood Park and opening soon in Calgary in Signal Hill? Be sure to check them out if you’re in those areas!