9 Bras That Every Girl Needs

I received an Aerie gift card as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Being a girl is hard. There’s just so much stuff that you are somehow expected to know and fashion is just a tiny sliver of the great big pie that makes up a lady. Fashion isn’t always my strong suit, and I’m often avoiding some fantastic pieces because I don’t have the right bra. Thankfully, Aerie created a mini bra bible to help teach you everything you need to know about dressing your ladies.


I admit, I have far too many bras in my underwear drawer and I only wear a select few. I also admit that I have avoided purchasing or avoid wearing some pretty darn cute tops because I didn’t have the right bra to wear with it. I don’t necessarily think a girl needs ALL of the nine bras Aerie has suggested, however I do think life will be a little easier now that I know what I need to pick up on my next bra purchase. Maybe then I will be able to stop avoiding my racer back and festival tanks because I can finally have the bras that work with them. Luckily too, Aerie has some really pretty and most importantly, affordable bras and their site is really easy to navigate to exactly what you’re looking for. Just be cautious that you follow their measurement guides to ensure you get the right fit.

To see the full graphic and other tips and tricks, head over to the AE/Aerie blog.


Birthday Weekend Recap

This post is coming to you way later than normal. I’ve had a busy weekend and just finished wrapping up a pretty darn good 28th birthday!

My coworkers helped celebrate my birthday early with a DQ ice cream cake. It was my request because I hadn’t had one for years and options are limited when regular cake just isn’t my jam. It was delicious but I sure didn’t feel good afterwards. Why can’t ice cream cake be paleo?

Layne picked Liam up after supper and I headed off to a new indoor shooting range to blow off some steam before going for a beer at State and Main. I have to say, shooting indoors is MUCH louder and I kept jumping every time a gun fired. I ended up home and in bed before midnight which frankly was much needed.

IMG_9102pew pew

I took my time getting out of bed Saturday morning before heading to the market. It was a much chillier morning than I expected, but nothing a little coffee couldn’t fix.


Afterwards I stopped by the pop-up art gallery my mom was a part of for Culture Days before running some errands and going home. I decided to abandon any responsibilities for the day and chose to crawl into bed to catch up on last seasons Parenthood episodes that I missed. My errands may or may not have included buying a giant bag of dinosaur candy to indulge in during this time.

Before long it was time for me to bundle up and head over to a local park to volunteer with Nuit Blanche, an interactive art event. There was live art, musical entertainment, food trucks, beer gardens and more. The event was seriously so cool and I had so much fun running their social media feeds. I ran into a bit of trouble when the cold kept killing my battery (and my hands!) but other than that had a great night out. I came home just before midnight to have a long hot shower, layer on the clothes and watch another Parenthood episode before falling asleep.


My internal alarm woke me up far too early Sunday morning so I reached for the laptop for…you got it, more Parenthood before getting ready for the day. Liam came home just before 11 and we immediately hit the road to my parents. He fell asleep halfway there which meant we had all afternoon to hang out without a nap. It was a nice relaxing day for me with a nice dinner for my birthday. I actually enjoyed watching Liam’s reaction to my birthday pie (again, don’t like cake) candle and helping me open my gift.  I can’t wait for his birthday in a couple weeks!


Mom and Dad spoiled me with a Polar heart rate monitor and a pair of one piece pyjamas I’ve been dying for. I know, I’m a nerd and that’s ok. Kids know what’s up with these one pieces jammies though!

We packed up and headed home shortly after dinner because frankly I was tired and I know Liam was too. Again, I abandoned any sort of responsibility, blogging included, to watch another episode of Parenthood and go to bed. Does anyone else watch this show? Can anyone make it through an episode without getting teary eyed if not full on bawling? Sheesh.

I was spoiled with so many texts, tweets and Facebook messages all day, not to mention, Chedda Heads made me a special bacon, brie and fig jam sandwich for lunch! He’s seriously the best (and I STILL promise I didn’t tell anyone else that all day if you’re reading this Rich!). I also got the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a gift card for some workout gear at Believe Fit, candles and bath stuff and homemade perfume. Seriously so spoiled.


I stopped at Famoso to pick up dinner for Liam and I after grabbing him from the day home after work. Because really, I’m not cooking dinner on my birthday. The babysitter came over at bedtime and I headed off to my first ever aerial yoga class with some girlfriends. It was so much fun! I kept giggling through it because it was just so different than anything I’d done. I’d love to go again! We went for a drink after which may have included a round of shots. I mean, what’s so wrong with shots on a Monday night, right?


Considering I wasn’t that excited to celebrate my birthday this year (because I’m too excited for Liam’s instead), I’d say it turned out to be a pretty good time. I even managed to treat myself to a new scarf from Urban Cowgirl Designs.


And guess what? The lovely Linnden from Urban Cowgirl decided to help me spread some of the birthday love and give away a Snow Leopard scarf and Black Knotted headband to one lucky winner! Winner will be announced on Friday!
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I have a feeling the next year should be a pretty good one! 

Healthy Living

Fitness Friday

I feel good being back on the workout train again. It’s such a cycle for me, good weeks and bad weeks. Liam came down with a cold this week and I had to stay home with him on Wednesday. It was nice to be able to just hang out at home, not getting up to much at all. We slept in until 8 in the morning which is almost unheard of and then caught up on the week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy and had a nap while Liam slept in the afternoon. Fingers crossed I don’t end up with the cold eventually too because I have a busy weekend ahead and then my birthday is next week. Nobody likes to be sick on their birthday!

60 Minute Mandala Class via Reflexion Yoga


Yoga for Belly Fat via Reflexion Yoga
Reflexion Yoga created two new yoga programs, one being a flexibility program and the other a four week waistline program. I decided to start the waistline program, to tone up the core some more which should hopefully help my headstand practicing as well. Let’s face it, core work is hands down my favourite and I would love to get rid of this little mom belly and find my abs again.

Core and Glutes Yoga With Weights via Reflexion Yoga

Chaturanga Form via Reflexion Yoga – oh how the arms burn after so many chaturangas!

I started a video on Reflexion Yoga but got interrupted by a phone call from my mom. I needed her parenting advice so I took the call, usually I ignore my phone while working out. By the time I was off the phone I didn’t want to continue with the video as it would be too close to bed time by the time I finished. I worked on headstands for a bit instead.

I’m hoping to finish yesterdays Boats and Floats video via Reflexion Yoga before heading out for the evening. This is all dependant on Liam’s dad coming home early enough to take Liam for the night.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Can you believe it’s the last weekend of September?

I feel like my Fitness Friday posts aren’t very exciting for you guys. Is there anything else you’d like to see in these posts? Let me know in the comments!