What I’m Loving – July

First of all, Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!


I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday! It’s kind of nice to have a day off mid-week and I kind of wish this was the norm! Liam and I are off to visit my parents to have a BBQ before coming home. I’m not brave enough to attempt taking him to see fireworks yet, so I’ll be sad to miss them.

How about what I’m loving lately?


Beer. All the beer. Somewhere along the lines I went from hating beer, to become a craft beer snob. I’m not sure how that happened. Latest faves include Village Triplet, and the newly opened local craft brewery, Troubled Monk. Of course, you’ll find me sipping on a Stiegl Radler on a hot summer evening because what else screams summer? I really need to kick this habit because I’m certain I’m growing a beer belly and I need to get that under control.


This photo – it is one of my favourite moments with Liam to date and makes me so happy to look at. We both had so much fun paddling together and I can’t wait to take him again.

Kids of Working Moms Are Better Off

Fabletics – I know I’ve mentioned this before but I seriously love their stuff and I may soon need an intervention. I literally just received three pairs of crops and a tank in my last order and after tearing into the package I saw this preview of July outfits. So yeah, I’ll probably be ordering at least three more outfits by the time your done reading this because I can’t help myself.

Chief Stylist @GingerRessler shares a peek at what’s coming your way on the 1st.

A video posted by @fabletics on

If you’re not sure about Fabletics, quit hesitating and order your first outfit for only $25 here. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS for a whole outfit of equal quality to that Lululemon crap you keep buying. Use my referral link and help me feed my addiction while you’re at it, at least it’s a healthy addiction!


Oh, so I’m kind of blonde now. I let my hairdresser have free reign of my hair. Last time I went in all she did were baby highlights in three different colours, blonde, caramel and red. I mentioned that I wasn’t a fan of the red and wouldn’t mind more blonde and this was the result. It’s amazing although I’m still getting used to it. Can you believe that is just from highlights with my natural colour!?


Yeah – a friend snapped a pic of this because it’s so me.

What The Eff Is Snapchat? – It’s really not just an app for teens to send dirty pictures. Ange breaks down what it’s all about. Follow me at ‘thebexfactor’.

Can we talk briefly about the lineup for X-Fest in Calgary? I’ll take a ticket to the Sunday as an early birthday present because Ellie Goulding and more importantly HOSIER! I need to go.

I bought these Sanuks Yoga Sling It On yesterday. I don’t own any flip flops anymore because the only pair I’ve ever owned that didn’t give me blister broke a year or two ago. These are made of super soft fabric and used yoga mats!! How perfect for a yogi nerd like me!


Have I mentioned how much I adore my Black Tourmaline from Dawn & Day Jewelry?  Not only is it gorgeous but black tourmaline helps protect again negative energy. You’ll be seeing me wear this often.


What are you loving lately?
Any fun plans for Canada Day?



A Damn Good Weekend Recap

What are the signs of a damn good weekend? When Liam and I come home sun kissed and exhausted on Sunday evening.

Liam’s dad ended up being home early and picked him up from the day home, so I was forced to abandon my plans to take Liam on an ice-cream-for-dinner date and to City Hall Park. Instead, I ran home and changed into my yoga gear for my third yoga in the park for the week. It was H-O-T and everyone had filled the shady spots before I got there. I just embraced the weather and set up in the full sun for one sweaty practice. It was glorious.

Afterwards, I took advantage of the kid free time to run some errands: finding varnish to refinish my kitchen chairs, a barbell set from Costco to go with Les Mills Pump that I just got in the mail, and finishing up with some take out and beer.


Don’t worry, I only drank one beer while watching Suits before calling it a night and going to bed.

I was so excited for the opportunity to finally SLEEP IN! Do you think it happened? Nope. I woke up every half hour starting at 5:30 until I finally gave in and got up at 8 to get ready for a hot trip to the market.

Keeping with the theme of non-produce market purchases:


A succulent to go in the cute little cup Cassandra brought back from her last vacation, and floral harem pants that fit me more like leggings with giant pockets, but I don’t care because they’re super soft and comfy and adorable.

After there market I made a quick grocery store trip to stock up on the weekly goods because going home to get gussied up for a co-workers wedding. It was an intimate backyard wedding and they couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful afternoon to hold it.


After the ceremony I went to lay in front of a fan in bed for a couple hours until heading to some another co-workers house for a BBQ before we all headed down to the reception. I didn’t stay out too late since I knew I wanted to be up and ready fairly early for a day at the lake with my family.

I actually managed to sleep in a little bit better, waking up every hour at 6. I think I could have continued dozing for a few hours but dragged my butt up around 8 to get ready for the day and wait for Liam to come home.

As soon as Liam was home, we headed straight to the lake and spent the entire day outside having far too much fun. Liam’s come a long way there, going from being afraid of the water, to running right in to splash and swim. We spent the day digging in the sand, visiting puppies, splashing each other, swimming, riding in the tube and even paddle boarding. Liam was so great on the paddle board. He just sat right at my feet the whole time and loved every minute of it. It was the perfect day and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

We both came home more than a little sun-kissed (me more than Liam) and extremely exhausted (Liam more than me), but my heart is so ridiculously full of love and memories from such a fun day with Liam.

Tell me the highlight of your weekend? 
Ever try SUP? 

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Fitness Friday + Spartan Race Canada Giveaway!

Hi friends. I’m currently drafting this from my breezy balcony with a grapefruit radler because it’s hotter inside my condo than it is outside. No complaints though, it’s suppose to be even hotter on the weekend and I’m looking forward to soaking it all up!

This weekend is the first Alberta Spartan Race up north somewhere super random. But it makes me excited because it means that the Super Spartan (12k + 24 obstacles) is only a couple months away. I’ve spoke many times about how much I enjoy the challenge of the Spartan Race series. In fact, these races were what really got me into racing in the first place.

So You Want To Obstacle Race?

Spartan Sprint, 2011

Spartan Sprint, 2012 (8 months pregnant)

Spartan Sprint, 2013

Super Spartan, 2013

Spartan Sprint, 2014

Becky_Liam-3Mama and Mini Spartans

Now I’m excited to be able to pay it forward and share the experience with one of you. I’m giving away one entry to any of the upcoming Canadian Spartan Races. Use the widget below to enter. I’ll announce the winner one week from today!

And just in case you don’t win, you can get 15% off any race with the code AROO15. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now for some Fitness Friday!

Yoga in the Park – toddler in tow. This was clearly not the best practice as Liam wandered off to the playground in the middle of it and ended up having a meltdown so I spent most of the class trying to calm him down and convince him to hang out with me until class was over. There’s nothing like being folded over in pigeon pose with a toddler sitting on your low back telling you to ‘giddy up horsey’.

YIP with Liam

Lunch Run – I did some km repeats. Only 2 since it was 25C outside at lunch time. I maintained about 5:30 for the first and 6:06 for the second which I’m happy with. Hoping I can add a third repeat next time and keep it close to 6 minutes.

June 26

Yoga in the Park – sans toddler. A much better practice, leaving me feeling completely blissed out. I seriously love YIP and being able to take in all of the sunshine. Funny story, Lindsey was there too and when it was time to go into savasana, we both turned to grab our phones to snap a pic. Great minds.


Lunch Run – I was hoping to do 5k steady state but I was feeling completely awful when I started moving. I was hungry before I started and that really affected my energy levels, plus my shins were feeling super sore. I pushed through and told myself I’d drop to 4k, but I ended up giving in at 3.5. I just didn’t have it in me.  Regardless, I was still a sweaty mess.


Foam Rolling – blech.

This weekend Liam is off to his dads so I can attend a wedding on Saturday and then Sunday we will spend the day at the lake since it’s suppose to be 31C. I’m hoping I will be able to get out for some SUP and see if Liam will FINALLY get in the lake instead of being too afraid.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

How was your week of workouts? 
Ever run an obstacle race before?