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Good evening friends!

It’s been a great weekend over here and I finally managed to get out for my Sunday run! I kissed Liam goodbye this morning while he goes to his dads. I immediately hit the mat for my scheduled yoga with weights session and then took to the trail for my run. I set out with no intentions other than to enjoy my run and the beautiful day. I had no pace, distance or time in mind. I ended up doing a nice light 4k on my usual trail and realized how much I’ve improved since starting my lunch time runs with coworkers. I could run farther without stopping, I could conquer all the hills, it finally felt easier!

From my Instagram

From Sasha:
Today was the first day since starting the 5k running program that I went solo. I knew it was going to be tough so I woke up bright and early, arising to a perfect cool yet sunny day. It was surprisingly way more difficult that I had expected. However I got through it. And ended at a beautiful spot for stretching and meditating! (It was also the first time using the Nike app. Not sure what happened and why it paused at one point).

I’m really excited that Sasha will be running the Mud Hero with me in a couple weeks! We are going to have so much fun!

From Jenni:
Today I ran 8.19km in 54:22. Another record distance for me. As I usually do on my longer runs on Sunday, my only goal was to cover the distance.  I felt pretty good for most of it, but I did need to take a couple walk breaks. When I got home, I felt I could keep going, so I’m starting to feel quite confident I’ll be able to run my 10K race in September quite comfortably, and I may even be able to set myself some pace goals.


From Alycia:
I got in a quick 3km this afternoon. It was HOT!!! Made it a solo run today cuz poor Leaf was already hot. I didn’t make my goal of 15km this week due to lack of energy after work but next week I’ll hit it for sure!!! No room for excuses. Happy #sundayrunday 


From Mel:
First one!
image-5From Kaella:
Finished OITN while running! 4 miles on the treadmill while the little guy napped. My legs are still really sore from yesterday’s long run so I took it nice and slow with water/walking breaks after each mile. 24 miles for the week. Week 6 of Half Marathon training done :)


Thank you so much ladies for joining me today! I look forward to running with all of you (and maybe all of your friends!) next weekend! It makes me to see new faces joining our Sunday run. I hope to see #SundayRunday continue to grow. Anyone can join, whether you are just starting out, jog occasionally or are a seasoned runner. All you have to do is join me for a Sunday run then send your photo and write up to becky (at) thebexfactor (dot) com before 7pm MST on Sunday evening. 

Healthy Living

Fitness Friday

Well I’ve already crossed one thing off the summer bucket list! Last night Cassandra suggested we take the boys to Cruise Night so we headed over there, had some supper from the Take It And Go food truck and wandered around looking at the cars. Liam didn’t seem to interested, I think he was tired and getting sand in his eyes from the wind. As soon as we started to pull away he was asking for more cars though and he told me he had fun. Little man had a super exciting day since he also rode a horse at the day home!! Well, obviously not AT the day home, but our provider took the kids to her daughters barn. He had so much fun and I think it’s so great that he has opportunities like this at his day home! Every day I’m thankful for miss Arlee Poppins. She’s simply the best!



Now onto fitness! As I write this my body aches. It doesn’t seem like much when I look back on this week’s workouts, but my body says otherwise.

Upper Body series via Reflexion Yoga – my arms and shoulders were screaming! This was a good one!

Lunch run. This was my first run in a full week. We did 6km following our usual 7/1 interval. So many things were running through my head during this run. Why am I so much slower than the others? Is it because I have short legs? How long until I don’t feel like the weakest link? Every run is a mental struggle for me. Despite not having run for a week, I took almost 2 minutes off the 5k time and had a strong finish in the last km. I’m definitely excited to see progress even though it still doesn’t feel any easier.


60 minute core series. This was said to be a beginner video based on core yoga movements. I can’t even tell you how NOT beginner this felt. It was a workout and my body was screaming and trembling and sweeting. It could have something to do with the aches I was feeling from the previous day’s run too. I had moments where I thought of quitting partway through but I kept on going. I will definitely come back to that series.

Another lunch run. I was not excited about the 7km we had planned. My body was aching and I really hoped they would have dropped the km’s down a little. Not so much. Everything about this run felt terrible. It was unexpectedly hot and I chose the wrong pants. My shoes were rubbing and causing painful blisters. I kept stepping wrong and nearly rolled my ankle several times. The pressure was on to keep the gap tight between myself and Natalia, who is just a bit speedier than me and always ahead quite a bed. Someone I managed to stay on her heels until the last km. Somehow I also managed another 5k PR. Somehow I still sprinted the last km. Somehow, despite feeling like utter crap, I totally kicked that 7k’s ass.


On tonight’s menu is a hip series. I’m really hoping this will bring some relief to the soreness I’m feeling from the 13km I’ve ran this week.

As you can see this week there were NO morning yoga wake ups. I find it SO hard to pull myself out of bed and this week I just felt extra sleepy. It is something I want to work on, because I know I felt so much better when I woke up and went straight to my mat. Hopefully next week!

I think I have a busy weekend ahead. I hope to take in Centre Fest and I heard rumblings of my parents coming to take Liam to either Sunnybrook Farm or Discovery Wildlife Park. I’m going to try really hard to get out for a nice easy #SundayRunday, if my poor blistered feet will let me. I guess it’s time to start seriously considering retiring this Vibrams that rub the wrong way lately and invest in a new pair of running shoes.

Any one have any amazing fitness accomplishments this week? 

Don’t forget to join us for #SundayRunday! Get out for a Sunday run, email me your plc with a quick paragraph about your run before 7pm MST to becky (at) thebexfactor (dot) com.


Summer/Fall Bucket List

I totally stole this post idea from Kaella, although this is something I’ve been thinking about the last few days anyways. It feels like summer has only just begun but is quickly coming to a close all at the same time. I feel like I’ve done a lot of fun things so far, but still have so much I’d love to do before the snow flies.

Here’s a quick list of things on our summer and early fall bucket list this year:

1) Cruise Night – this is a weekly car show that happens in a big parking lot. I think Liam would like to see all of the cars and trucks now that he’s showing interest in vehicles. I tried to take him earlier, but didn’t realize it didn’t start until closer to Liam’s bed time. I think one day I will allow him to stay up a little bit later so we can go.

2) Sunnybrook Farm – It’s a little mini farm in the middle of the city. I took Liam last year and he loved to see the animals. Now I know he will love the animals AND all the tractors.

3) Discovery Wildlife Park – this is a little mini zoo about 15 minutes outside of the city. We went last year but Liam slept through most of the trip.

4) Calgary Zoo - I have been waiting to take Liam to the zoo FOREVER. We have plans to meet Kaella and Leigh August 3! If anyone else wants to join, feel free!

5) Heritage Park - this is something my dad really wants to do with Liam, but I also haven’t been there since I was a kid so I think it would be super fun to go again.

6) Splash Park – there’s an awesome new splash park here that I’ve never been to so I would like to take Liam at least once

7) Centre Fest - this is an annual street performer festival which I’ve been to almost every summer for the last few years. It’s a lot of fun and I will definitely be going this year. It’s actually this weekend so I’m hoping to take Liam one day depending on when/if his dad is home.

8) Corn Maze

9) Pumpkin Patch - I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch! I think Liam and I would both have a lot of fun

10) Color Me Mine - I’m not sure if this would be super fun or a super disaster, but I would like to take Liam to paint some pottery on a rainy day.

11) Cafe O Play - A new cafe/play place is opening up in the next few days. I’m really excited to go on a mom and tot coffee date with another mom friend someday to check it out. There aren’t many indoor areas for toddlers to hang out here so I’m really excited about this new option. I have a feeling it will be BUSY.

12) Yoga in the Park – This is not an activity to do with Liam, just myself. I’ve always wanted to go and never had the opportunity before. I hope to make it at least once this summer so cross your fingers for a child free evening during the week soon!

Isn’t that a huge list? I realize there are very few weekends left too so I’m coming to terms with the fact that we probably won’t get to it all this year. I’ll just have to plan better for next year!

Anything on your summer bucket list?

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