Fitness Friday

Hey friends, happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a good week. Liam came home on Wednesday and we hit up our midweek market and loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies. It’s always so amazing how much better fresh, locally grown produce tastes compared to store bought. I had bought a pint of blueberries from the grocery store on the weekend and they tasted meh. But a pint I bought from the market taste like candy, as they should! I’ve been rocking salads for lunches and grilling like a boss for dinners now that I have a BBQ again. All this healthy eating is feeling real good.

Now let’s talk workouts shall we?


Yoga in the Park – to celebrate the first day of summer, I hit up yoga in the park for a juicy practice. Yoga makes me feel so good at the best of times, but practicing in a park with blue skies and the hot sun shining down on you just makes it that much better.

FullSizeRender 44

Ladder Flow Class via CodyApp – I had plans to run after work, but there was a torrential downpour and thundershower so that wasn’t happening. I knew I wanted to get some yoga in anyways to celebrate International Yoga Day and this class was just what I needed to warm up my body, challenge myself and work off a grumpy mood. I managed to stick side crow, which made me especially happy I rolled out my mat.


Ladder Flow Class via CodyApp – this class was upper body focus and man my arms were burning after.


Ladder Flow Class via CodyApp

I definitely planned to get more weight training in this week, but after starting the week off with yoga, it just called to me the rest of the week and I have no regrets about answering that call. My body has been just as sore as if I was doing weight training and I’ve definitely worked up a sweat every night. Kris recently wrote about the rollercoaster of motivation and I definitely ride this same rollercoaster. I always feel like such a slug when motivation dips but I feel like I can conquer everything when I have a week where motivation peaks.

This weekend we have plans to go see Finding Dory and a meetup with some of the blog squad girls and their kiddos. Fingers crossed the forecast changes so we can enjoy lots of time outside in the sun! Have a great weekend.

Do you guys ride the rollercoaster of motivation?
Ever switch up your workout plan because something else is calling to you?

Any plans for the week?

Liam Fashion

Liam Fashions: Summer Essentials

How is everyone enjoying the first few days of summer so far? I have to admit, while I love the hot sunny days of summer, I hate that summer solstice means the days start getting shorter again. I don’t hate that getting dressed is much easier in the mornings without having to worry about layers, for both Liam and I. Here’s some of the essentials in Liam’s wardrobe this season:

Liam Fashions Summer Essentials

  1. The Blue Jays Hat – It’s incredibly hard to find a good (read: not cartoon character) hat in toddler sizes so I was pretty thrilled to find this fitted Jays hat in Liam’s size. I kind of want the same one in my size now.
  2. T-Shirt Surf Car – What’s a Liam Fashions post without Wheat Kids Clothing? I snatched up this shirt on a spring sale and Liam loved it. He is obsessed with surf boards so it was perfect for him.
  3. Shorts Michael – I love Wheat Kids bottoms because they have adjustable waists so they always last more than one season. Bonus points for being great quality and super comfy.
  4. Graphic Tee – Old Navy is killing it with the band tshirts this summer. It’s incredibly difficult not to buy them all!
  5. Chino Shorts – also from Old Navy for a great price and adjustable waist so we can hopefully get them through next summer as well.

What are your summer wardrobe essentials?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned, just sharing what Liam is wearing that we truly love. 

Healthy Living

Will Run For Beer

Two of my favourite things in life are running and beer. What happens when your local brewery organizes a race? You sign up immediately and count down the days until it’s socially acceptable to drink beer at 10am.

I picked up my race package at the brewery Friday evening after driving home from the SocialWest conference in Calgary. I was actually surprised to see that the race was chip timed! We received really nice (but way too big) tshirts and a token for a free beer to be used in the beer garden after the race.

Saturday’s race start wasn’t until 10am, which meant I could sleep in and get ready leisurely. I had absolutely no expectations going into this race since I’ve been battling with a sore foot and off running for a couple weeks. I figured I’d stick with friends for as long as I could and back off if the pain started to flare up. Since I was really just out there to have fun with friends, and of course drink some beer, I had fun with my outfit a little and rocked my gold Brooks sunnies and diamond sweatband.

Mary picked me up and we drove to a residential area close to the race start and walked over.


The brewery and race location is so close to the beautiful trail I love to run along the river. The 5k route was a straight out and back course and mostly flat. The morning ended up being sunny and hot and it was the perfect day to enjoy the city. I was able to keep up with my speedy friends for the first almost 2km before I had to scale back my pace a bit. I kind of cursed myself for not bringing my headphones so I could listen to music but still soaked up the day. I had a feeling that slowing down as much as I did would bring me over the finish line at the 40-minute mark (did I  mention my watch died about 3.5km in?) but I was happy with my finish time of 35 minutes. Especially because my foot really didn’t hurt at all when I was done.



Since there was quite a few friends running, we ended up hanging out at the beer garden and enjoying a couple cold ones before calling it a day. There was some live bands playing and a BBQ to keep people fed as well so there was no excuse to call it a day so early!

All in all, it was a really great little race, well organized and worth it for the price (under $50!). Who’s coming to run and drink beer with me next year?