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Fitness Friday: BT Wearables

Last weekend I finally got out for my first winter run. I was so excited to be able to hit the (snow covered) pavement again, find my groove and feel the crisp winter air in my lungs. The other thing I was excited for was to not have to struggle with getting tangled in the cord for my earphones. I was given the chance to try out BT Wearables Bluetooth Headband. I was blown away by how easy to use and comfortable this head band was. All you need to do is charge it up by plugging into your laptop, sync it to your phone, hit play and go. The sound quality was perfect and it covered my ears so I didn’t get an ear ache, which normally happens when I run in the cold without covering them. You can easily take out the earphone pieces to and toss the headband in the wash so you never have to worry about the sweat accumulation, haha. This isn’t something I would normally spend money on, but the little difference not having to wrestle with cords during my run maybe it so much more enjoyable.


Luckily, BT Wearables sent me  a second headband to giveaway to one lucky reader. Use the widget below to enter. Winner will be announced next Friday.

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This week’s workouts:

2km walk + spur of the moment headstands


4km run


Piyo Sculpt

Piyo Sweat


Piyo Core  – Nope. It’s just way too hard getting out of bed early following a late night training session. Plus, my abs were already talking from the previous kettle bell session.

Piyo Buns – Feeling that burn! Hoping my round booty will come back quick!

Piyo Strength

Yoga if Liam is at his dad’s.

It’s looking to be a busy day but I’m hoping I can get out for another Sunday Runday.


It’s The Little Things 2

I remember when I was really sick, my mom would always buy me something small, like a colouring book, to help make me feel better and keep me occupied while I was home resting. I also think it was to secretly make up for the fact that she was kind of terrible about playing nurse since she didn’t handle sickness very well. Regardless, I will always remember the little things mom would bring home and I want to do the same thing for Liam.

When I heard that he had a high fever and was throwing up at his dad’s, I felt terrible that I wasn’t able to be there to comfort him. I had been out running errands and saw some gel window stickers of an owl and hearts for Valentine’s Day and decided to pick them up for Liam to help make him feel better. He came home feeling a little better, and was excited to add the decals to the penguins he already had up.

I loved watching his concentration as he pulled off each one and placed it strategically on the window. I hope that he will remember the special ways that I help to make him feel better when he’s sick. Most of the time sickness doesn’t slow him down at all, but just in case, I’m always ready.



Weekend Recap

Oh what a fantastic weekend it was. A much better weekend than last weekend’s non-stop tantrums.

Layne ended up picking Liam up from the day home. When I got home from work, a girlfriend suggested getting together for a late dinner, which I was totally game for even though I had planned to get the house cleaning out of the way, have a bath and catch up on Parenthood. I’m exciting like that.

We met at Earl’s for dinner and girl talk which may have led to some giggles while scrolling through Tinder. We decided to move on to Fionn MacCool’s for another drink before calling it a night. It was such a great night to catch up and have some laughs.


I had cut the evening short because I had wanted to get up and head to a 10am yoga class. My alarm was set but clearly I needed the extra sleep since I ended up sleeping until 11. I vaguely remember getting up to shut my alarm off and going back to sleep. I only had time to shower and hit the road to meet my folks for lunch. It was such a gorgeous day out, it was nice to go for a little drive.

I came back to tackle the house cleaning before running some errands and picking up dinner on the way. Since I was in the mall picking up Opa for dinner (their pita bread and tzatziki is addicting), I thought I would treat myself to a new bath bomb from Lush too. Of course, when I got home I settled in with my take out to catch up on Parenthood and then hopped in the tub for a soak with my book. Did anyone else ugly cry watching the latest episode of Parenthood? I can just tell the finale next week is going to be a mess for me…

I was off to brunch at Heritage Ranch. I ate way more than I should have, but their brunch food is just seriously so amazing. Even though they didn’t have the amazing eggs florentine that I love again, they made up for it with raisin bread french toast and butternut squash ravioli. TO DIE FOR. Seriously, if you haven’t been to Heritage Ranch you need to go. Go for brunch, go for lunch, go for dinner. Take your family, take your self, take a date (seriously, best date spot ever, I’m assuming….).

We decided to walk around the trails after brunch, stopping to say hi to the horses and then continuing on with the loop. The unfortunate part was after the 2km walk with three kids under 5, we had no choice but to climb the iciest stairs known to man. It was treacherous and I’m sure we looked entertaining trying not to fall and slide to our deaths only to reach the top to see the ‘stairs closed for the season’ sign.


And yes, I even decided it was a great time for a headstand. I did actually hold it, the photographer just didn’t catch it.

Thankfully the walk and stair ice climbing was enough to digest brunch and I immediately changed into my run gear when I got home to take advantage of the beautiful day. I even took it one step further and ran to the store for a couple steaks to throw on the grill. I mean, it’s not often that you can grill in a t-shirt in January here. Liam came home just as I was getting ready to start supper and he enjoyed being out on the balcony as much as I did.

Such a great weekend, but time went by way too quick. I had wanted to go visit Jolene ice fishing but just ran out of time. I also missed me little man a ton. There’s so many winter activities I want to do with him still. I’m really hoping this amazing weather sticks around for a little bit longer. Or even for the rest of winter, I’d be ok with that. I’m also hoping that with the nice weather, stays Liam’s health so we can actually get out and enjoy it together instead of being stuck at home.

What did you get up to this weekend? Enjoying the spring-like weather we’re getting?