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Weekend Recap

What a whirlwind weekend! I can’t believe it’s over just like that! While it was a busy one, it was my last busy one with any major plans for the next few weeks and hopefully it can stay that way. I’m ready for a low key weekend, hopefully enjoying some more of this gorgeous fall weather.

My parents were in town so mom came to pick Liam up from the day home with  me and we headed out to buy groceries for Liam’s birthday party. We picked up some Chinese take out along the way and met my dad at home for dinner. By the time Liam was in bed and everyone had left, I was too exhausted to want to think about starting house cleaning, which was my original Friday night plan. Thrilling, right? Instead I curled up on the couch with a glass of wine to watch the most recent episode of Parenthood.

Liam was up at 7am on the nose and we settled in under a blanket for a couple episodes of Bubble Guppies. We had a pretty lazy morning hanging around and playing before Liam’s dad picked him up. My dad had been staying in town so he stopped in too and once Liam was gone we headed out for brunch to Fionn McCool’s and then hit the road to Calgary. It was our annual daddy/daughter day at the Calgary Tattoo Festival. Unfortunately we ran into some construction on the way down which made our time there a little short since I had to be back before 6 to pick up Liam’s balloons. Neither of us were getting any work done, but I may have got the ball rolling on a piece by a traditional Japanese Tebori (hand poke) artist. I’ve been wanting a piece like that for a few years now and dad said ‘why not get on the wait list now instead of always talking about it’. Fair enough.

Once back in Red Deer, I bid farewell to dad and began the birthday party preparations. This included building Liam’s new toy box, which I was a little concerned about tackling on my own. It turned out great though! I was most excited to put out the decorations and left the cleaning until the very end at like 9pm. It felt really good to crawl into bed after all of that work!


PARTY DAY! I was so excited for Liam to come home so he could see the decorations and have all of his little friends over. We had a Bubble Guppy theme with homemade gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. It was chaos, but Liam had a blast. So much fun that he had no interest in napping for the rest of the day. Once everyone had left and the mess had been cleaned, we curled up on my bed for a little quiet time talking about the day. Liam told me it was a pretty great party and gave me a great big kiss of appreciation. One of those sweet little moments that I want to hold on to forever. Of course, the quiet time did not last and it was back to playing with all of the new toys. Bed time came early for the little man. I think he fell asleep before his head hit the bed just before 6pm.

cuppitycakesNo party is complete without Cuppitycakes cupcakes. Seriously, how amazing are these?!

wheresliamWhere’s Liam?

And that was that. The birthday weekend has come and gone, and we go on living life with a two year old. I don’t even know how I got to this day, but it’s pretty darn amazing. I hope to have some more photos of the party to share later this week. I was way too busy to snap any myself.

Healthy Living

Fitness Friday

It’s Friday again already? Don’t you guys love short weeks! Sometimes I think that short weeks seem to somehow drag, but this week was fairly busy for me. I had a friend from out of town stop by to visit on Tuesday night, which led to maybe a splash too much wine. Wednesday of course was Liam’s birthday and I had so much fun taking him out for birthday supper at East Side Mario’s. I’m pretty sure he demolished his giant piece of chocolate cake in 3.5 seconds. I didn’t manage to get any photos because it was just the two of us and I was trying not to have tomato sauce and chocolate cake EVERYWHERE. Thursday was the calm before the weekend storm.

It’s going to be a busy weekend. Tonight I am grocery shopping for Liam’s birthday party and hopefully cleaning the house once Liam goes to bed. Saturday my dad and I (and possibly Liam, depending when his dad gets home) are hoping to go to Calgary for the tattoo convention, our yearly daddy/daughter date. I also have to pick up Liam’s balloons and cupcakes, put together his birthday present and get everything ready for the big party. Sunday = party time! It’s going to be such a fun weekend!

It feels like I haven’t worked out in forever. It actually has been a couple weeks. I’ve definitely fallen hard off the clean eating and workout train but am hoping back on ready to get rid of this bloat and overall gross feeling.

Yesterday I went for a good 4.5k run with Natalia at lunch time. Of course my phone died party way through, I’m getting really tired of it randomly dying when it says it’s at 40%. Anyways, I don’t know the exact time. I know it was slower, as Natalia and I had a lot of catching up to do and couldn’t stop talking. We made a good sprint to the end and I didn’t feel like dying after, which meant I totally could have kicked the run up a notch if I wasn’t chatting so much.


I also hit the yoga mat after Liam was in bed for a half hour power flow. I felt a little shaky but otherwise good. I think I will restart one of the Reflexion Yoga programs next week and start working on my handstands again in an effort to learn scorpion. It’s my biggest yoga goal and I really need to get consistent with my practicing if I am ever going to achieve it.

Today I plan to go for another lunch run, but will most likely be running solo. It’s never my favourite thing but I need to get used to it if I want to continue running this fall and winter at work. I’m also hoping I can take advantage of family being here on Sunday to burn off birthday party treats with a Sunday run. Hoping some of you will decide to join me for Sunday Runday as well!

Hope you have a great weekend everyone.

PS. If you’re in the market for some new workout gear, Lindsey from A Running Tale just posted a great little review of Fabletics, which is now shipping to Canada. I’m so tempted to place an order!


Liam-isms Part 2

I can’t believe I have a full on two year old now! I was so excited for his birthday yesterday. I hung Bubble Guppy streamers on his bedroom door to wake up to, had some presents waiting for him on the table and was making him pancakes for breakfast. He was so excited when I wished him a happy birthday and told him what was waiting for him. He rushed to the table and looked in all of the gift bags saying “pancakes? pancakes? no pancakes?” Apparently this little man needs his fuel before tackling presents.

This kid is so goofy, I laugh at the things he says some times. Enjoy a few more ‘Liam-isms’.


Me: Good morning Liam, are you ready for breakfast? It’s ready for you.
Liam: Toast?
Me: Yes, toast
Liam: gasp
Me: With peanut butter
Liam: gasp
Me: and blueberries
Liam: gasp….goofy grin

After walking out of the day home to see snow on the ground (on September 8, ugh):
“Oh no!”
“Oh no, mummy! The trees!”
I know bud, the rest of Alberta feels the same.

After giving his grandma and grandpa hugs and kisses goodbye:
To my dad: “You’re cute” (pinches dads cheeks)
To my mom: “You’re cute, too”

“Mummy, you silly puppy”. Erm, ok?

Liam: Hiding behind toy “Where’d Liam go?”

Me: “Liam, please sit down and finish your supper”
Liam: “Why”
Me: “Because I asked you to”
Liam: “Why”
Me: “Because you need to eat your supper to grow big and strong”
Liam: “Why”
Me: “So you can do lots of cool things when you’re older”
Liam: “Why”
Me: Facepalm
Who knew that started this early?!