Liam-isms Part 1

Reading about the hilarious things kids says is always a highlight to me. I’ve been so excited for Liam to start talking so I can record some of the hilarious things that come out of his mouth. So far, no swearing, yet. He does say ‘oh gosh’ a lot, he gets that from his mama. I’m hoping I can keep it that way for a few more years!

Liam: “Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! MUM!”
Me: “WHAT?!”
Liam: “I love you”

Day home provider: “Can you say diaper?”
Liam: “Can’t say that”
Day home provider: “Say dia-per!”
Liam: “Can’t say that”

After spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa
Me: “Did you have fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s house?”
Liam: “Yup!”
Me: “Did you miss mummy?”
Liam: shrugs

Commentary on the drive home from the day home:
“Truck! Truck! Truck! Truck! Car! Car! House! House! House! House! Tree! House! Truck!”

And not a Liam-ism, but I had a mosquito bite on my face that turned into a little scab. Liam sees it and says ‘ouch’, then runs to the bathroom to get some toiler paper and comes over to dab it before giving it a kiss better. The sweetest. The way he gently grabs my face for the little kiss just turns me into a pile of mush.


Any funny things you’ve heard from a child lately?

Also, a hilarious read: 10 Surprises From The First Days After Delivery


Weekend Recap

Another jam packed summer weekend in the books. I am loving all the summer fun we’ve been having, but sad to realize that summer will soon be over before I know it. There’s still so much on my list of activities this year, I hope we can make it through them all!

Disappointingly, I didn’t get to join my coworkers for our lunch run as I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon that I had to leave early for. Thankfully the appointment didn’t take as long as I expected so I was able to pick Liam up a bit early so we could have some extra play time together. This turned into a walk around the block that took us 30 minutes. The block isn’t that big, we just had to keep a slow pace and had lots to look at.

After Liam was in bed, I spent most of the evening fighting with my computer before catching up on last week’s episode of Suits and calling it a night.

We had a lazy morning before heading down to the market. The market didn’t seem as busy as normal which meant we could actually spend some more time browsing some new booths that had popped up. Liam got a new monster toy and I fell in love with some Thai harem pants and a dress from Bella Lu’s. I didn’t commit to either because I need to try them on first. A downtown shopping trip will be in order soon! We also loaded up some BC fruit since our favourite fruit truck was selling three items for $10. We got a big basket of peaches, cherries and blueberries. I also picked up a fresh strawberry rhubarb pie to take to my family at the lake. It was a good haul!

We left the market and headed straight for the lake. Liam had fallen asleep before we were out of the city, which was surprising since it was still before lunch. That meant we had to camp out by the car until he woke up. We had a great day visiting my uncle and grandma despite the on and off rain in the afternoon. We ended up ordering some pizza for dinner and then enjoyed the pie from the market. It was SO good.


Just after I left for home to get Liam to bed, my mom had called and told me that I shouldn’t have left because there was a big storm in the area that had very high potential to produce a tornado. The drive to Red Deer looked clear and it wasn’t even raining so I forged on. I admit, I regretted not listening to her when I heard the Alberta Emergency Broadcast come on warning about possible tornado. Luckily, the storm was south east from me and we made it home just fine.

I was pooped from a busy day  so I was in bed shortly after Liam. Again, party animal!

Liam treated me with sleeping in until 8. I credit the cat nap in the car for making him extra tired. I had hoped to get out for #SundayRunday or a pancake breakfast, but it was a little rainy so instead I made French toast and chicken breakfast sausage from the market for breakfast. Liam curled up on the couch under some blankets with some of his toys until breakfast was ready.


Once we were ready for the day, it was off to get groceries and then home for an early nap. Liam wasn’t happy about it but it was important to go early so we could hit the fair before it rained again! I did something bad and opened the door to his room after an hour, I didn’t think he would wake right away but he did. We had a quick diaper change and made our way to the fair grounds for lunch.

First item after we were fed was the Little Red Barn. This is Liam’s favourite place since he loves animals so much. I think he went in animal overload. He was just running around saying ‘more’ and shrieking and petting as many animals as he could. It was hilarious. He even tried to give a tiny little lamb a hug. Such a sweet boy.

IMG_5477Last year at the barn

PettingZooCollageThis year, such a blur of excitement. 

After we left the barn we wandered around a bit killing time until the Super Dogs started. We didn’t even bother going on rides since I had heard everyone else around his age was being told they weren’t allowed. Hopefully next year we will be able to go! It was actually ok because at this point Liam was getting tired and overstimulated. We got some ice cream while we waited for the Super Dogs to start and I treated Liam to a coconut ice cream bar. Another parenting mistake, feed the kid sugar and expect him to sit nicely to watch a show. We ended up having to leave part way through so Liam could burn off some energy. We called it a day after that and luckily we just missed a torrential downpour!

I came home not feeling the greatest so gave Liam some dinner and sent him to bed, finished up #SundayRunday, showered and went to bed. I feel super guilty for not being very productive today. I didn’t do any meal prep or workouts and feel guilty for missing my sunday run and yoga. Hopefully whatever had me feeling gross isn’t going to stick around and I can make up for it all during the week!

Did any locals hit up Westerner Days? What was your favourite part? Mine is the same as Liam’s, the barn. This year they randomly had two lemurs and a camel. The lemurs were adorable! I’d never seen one in person and wish they were ones I could have pet and cuddles!
If you’re not local, do you have a local fair? 



Welome to the 12th #SundayRunday. I am so happy that this has taken off a little and that so many people are joining in my little virtual run date!

I had a busy weekend which I will talk about in tomorrow’s weekend recap. I had planned to get out for a quick little run with Liam, but it just didn’t happen. Our time was limited and I’m feeling a little under the weather. Excuses, right? Thank you to everyone who DID make it out today, you are all so inspiring and put me to shame!

From Lindsey:

This morning I ran 7 miles in under an hour. It always feels great to start my Sunday off with a run and some “me” time.



From Sasha:

A dear friend and I started a running program through an app called 5k runner. Amazingly we are doing great and keeping up with it! We have only just started week two but feeling great and excited for Wednesday’s run. It’s amazing the energy running has given me. I feel happier and healthier already!


From Kaella:
Did something a little different today since I had my long run yesterday. Today, I did a 2 mile run and a “Deck of Cards” workout at the park. Switch up the suits for other exercises (ie: mountain climbers, pushups and do the number on the card! Aces are a one minute water break :)


From Jenni:
Hi! I’m new here! I’m actually sorta new to running, I’ve been trying to get into it for about a year and finally in April of this year, something clicked and I suddenly found myself able to run for more than a minute at a time. I worked my way up to being able to run 5k and now I’m training for a 10k race in September.
Today I left my house planning on 6.5k. I slowed my pace quite a bit and planned on taking a couple walk breaks. I had no time goals, I just wanted to cover the distance. I took a route I normally take for the first 2.5k that takes me to our local splash park. I usually run past the splash park, and think about how fun it would be to run thru it, and today I did. I’m sure some of the parents watching thought I was nuts, but I give no cares. It was mega refreshing. I highly recommend. After the splash park, I explored some trails I’ve never used before. As I neared the 5k mark, I realized I haven’t taken a walk break yet, but I was still feeling good, so I kept on trucking. Around 6k I still felt awesome so I decided to go for 7k and I crossed the provincial border into Saskatchewan(I only live a block away from the border) to add the extra km onto my planned route. By the time I got home I’d actually covered 7.3km(my longest distance ever!) without a walk break. I totally give the no walk breaks credit to the fact I had to stop at a few traffic lights. Regardless, I’ll take it! I’m already looking forward to next weekend’s longer run!


Also shoutout’s to Kara and Natalia who I know both attempted runs today but got cut short due to kids and torrential downpours. You ladies are still awesome for getting out there!

Have you heard of Every Move yet? It’s a cool new website (app available in Canada soon!) that links to your other fitness apps and friends to track and celebrate being active. It’s pretty cool and all my #SundayRunday buddies should join up and connect with me there!

As always, to participate in the #SundayRunday virtual run date, get out for a run on Sunday, snap a pic and email it with a little blurb about your run to becky (at) thebexfactor (dot) com before 7pm MST. 

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