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My 31st Birthday Wish List

I don’t even know how September snuck up so quickly and apparently my birthday is in a couple short weeks. I could have sworn I just turned 30 yesterday. I’m always excited for my birthday to roll around and to have a bit of a fresh start on another year of life. I used to be all over making birthday party plans but that’s definitely gone to the wayside since a certain little mister entered my life. These days I’m happy just to have some time with my family.

Of course, that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream up a list of things she’d like for her birthday. As I do every year, here’s my ultimate birthday wish list.

  1. An epic shopping trip – I think the last time I went on a big shopping trip was just before coming back to work after maternity leave. I’ve spent the last few years buying more clothes for Liam than for myself and my closet is kind of dismal. I’m in dire need of some fresh looks.
  2. A hotel bed – Seriously. Most of the time I look forward to coming home to my own bed after a night away, but after staying in the comfiest bed at Le Germain in Calgary last weekend, I’m ready to just trade in my bed for a whole new, swanky hotel bed. Fluffy cloud pillows and mattress, soft as babies butts sheets. I want it all.
  3. More hours in a day – I’m finding it harder and harder to fit the things I love into a day, especially with the crazy kindergarten schedule. I just want one guilt free hour to workout without sacrificing everything else.
  4. A new purse and wallet – Still in love with the Poppy Barley bags and wallet. The good news is, they have actual stores now in both Calgary and Edmonton!
  5. A chunk of cash to go traveling – a friend is getting married in Laos (SE Asia, where he’s from) and I’d love to go and have a chance to explore Laos and Thailand from the perspective of a local. But alas, I’m not sure I will be able to afford it by January.
  6. A Camp Brand Goods shirt – I dig them and feel like I’m the only person that doesn’t have one.
  7. The entire line of Beauty Counter Skin Care – because why not.


What would be on your ultimate wish list? 

Where to Workout in Red Deer

Where to Workout in Red Deer: One-to-1 Fitness

Where to Workout in Red Deer

Our latest in the series took us to One-to-1 Fitness, the place where I called home for many years. It was fun to go back and see what was new and exciting. Even better, Jess and I got to experience both a semi-private training session as well as a few sessions of their Fit Camp group exercise class.

One-to-1 Fitness Red Deer

About One-to-1 Fitness Red Deer

One-to-1 Fitness was opened in 2007 as a place to provide a comfortable environment for everyone. Recognizing that not everyone feels at ease in a traditional gym, One-to-1 is a small, safe environment to receive one on one fitness and nutrition support that they guarantee will get you the results you’re looking for, no matter your goals.

All of the trainers that I interacted with are knowledgeable and able to help you meet whatever goals you’re looking for. During our semi-private session, our trainer was amazing at giving Jess some modifications for an injury she’s dealing with and at the same time offering me advice that would help with my half marathon training. We got our butts kicked during our workout and had plenty of time for stretching and foam rolling afterward. All members also have access to the cardio station at any time before or after their workouts. There is a cap on the number of trainers on the training floor at one time, which means your workout will never be crowded.

One-to-1 Fitness Red Deer

Along with private and semi-private personal training, One-to-1 also offers Fit Camp classes, a group boot camp style workout. Classes are only 45 minutes, circuit style and designed to give you an effective full body workout. A more cost effective option, Fit Camp still allows you the nutrition coaching and monitoring and a chance to meet like minded people.

Along with training and nutrition coaching, One-to-1 Fitness also offers ultrasound body composition testing which can be an effective tool to accurately measure your progress and see where changes could be made to allow you to reach your goals.

One-to-1 Fitness Red Deer



Whether you’re doing one on one training or Fit Camp classes, there’s probably a time option that will work for your schedule, with up to nine Fit Camp classes a day, starting at 5 am. Personal training times also begin at 5 am, running well into the evening. Short of providing 24-hour service, they’ve got you covered.

You can check their schedule here.

One-to-1 Fitness Red Deer

What I Loved Most

I think my favourite part about One-to-1 is knowing that the results are guaranteed, which makes a membership well worth the price tag. When I was a regular member here, I was a Fit Camp regular that received regular nutrition coaching and monitoring. I gained a ton of strength and was the leanest I’d ever been. What’s great is that whether you’re a personal training member or a Fit Camp member, all you have to do is show up and put in the work without having to think about what workout to do that day.

For More One-to-1 Fitness








Weekend Recap – Garth Day 2.0

Hi, friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to sit down and blog since the transition into kindergarten and then nursing an intercostal muscle/ligament injury (aka the only pain comparable to being in labour) over the past couple weeks. I thought I’d pop in for a quick weekend recap.


After work, I ran over to Glow Juicery to pick up a quick dinner, raw vegan taco salad, juice and some energy balls for my weekend adventure, before picking Liam up from his dad’s. He was supposed to be with his dad for the weekend while I was out of town, but my parents were having a garage sale and all summer long, Liam asked me if we could have a garage sale so he could sell cookies and lemonade. So I met my parents halfway (they live an hour away) and dropped Liam off, loaded with chocolate chip cookies for the weekend.

I came home and caught up with America’s Got Talent. Is anyone else watching this? That concludes a thrilling Friday night for me.


Garth Day 2.0! I was up and off to a hair appointment first thing in the morning before Mary came over and we headed out for our weekend adventure.

I was up and off to a hair appointment first thing in the morning before Mary came over and we headed out. First stop was to drop off the car and our stuff at the hotel, where Ange picked us up for a little brewery hopping. We started at Zero Issue and then made our way to the newly opened Citizen Brewing, which was a really great space. I will definitely be back there. From there we dropped off Ange’s car and hustled to Anejo for our dinner reservation which we made just in the nick of time. We gorged on delicious tacos and margaritas before making our way to the Saddledome for the Garth Brooks show.

Our seats were slightly behind the stage, but it didn’t matter to us. We danced and sang the night away and had an absolute blast. I’m not a huge country fan, but I grew up listening to Garth, and I have to say he is probably the best performer I’ve ever seen hands down. Despite seeing him twice this year now, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy tickets to see him again and again and again.

After the show, Mary and I headed back to the hotel, stopping for a midnight snack along the way.


Our alarm went off way too early after a late night and we were slow getting up for our next adventure. The plan was to hike Ha Ling in Canmore but the day didn’t go quite as planned so we ended up having a chiller day walking to see Grassi Lakes, grabbing lunch and hitting the road. One of us, not naming names, but definitely not me, wasn’t feeling too hot following the previous nights’ indulgences. But that’s ok, we’ll be back next weekend to attempt Ha Ling again, with a full night’s sleep, sans beer. 😉

The bad part of the afternoon was that I had to drive from Canmore to my parent’s place to pick up Liam before driving home to Red Deer. It was a long day with a lot of driving but it was nice to have some time to chat and catch up with Mary after a busy summer without seeing each other much.

Liam was pretty tired when we got home from a long weekend of making sales from his cookies and lemonade venture. We chilled on the couch watching a show for a bit before making a lazy supper and going to bed.

What did you get up to this weekend?