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The Ultimate Baby Gift with BuddhiBaby

It seems like we’re in the midst of another baby boom. So many friends are expecting in the next while which means soon there will be a plethora of tiny bundles to spoil and new mamas to pamper. I use to run wild in Target, compiling a bag full of essentials, cute clothes, and books for baby, with a treat or two for mama. But now that Target doesn’t exist in Canada, I’ve been at a loss trying to find a mix of both cute & essential pieces in one place.

The other problem is that I want to give a gift that I know will be put to good use and I often don’t have time to research items that I haven’t personally used before.

Enter buddhiBaby.


buddhiBaby provides perfectly curated gift boxes full of modern, unique products to celebrate mom and baby. These gift boxes are put together with love and intention and take the thinking out of finding the perfect baby gift. They also have their Outside The Box shop, where you can pick up unique, individual pieces for mom, baby and even toddler too!

More than a source for perfectly curated gifts, buddhiBaby acts as a community. It’s a place where you can go to find advice, parenting trends and support because being a new-mom is stressful. Candyce and Harmony would know, being new moms trying to face the world of parenthood together after meeting in their prenatal yoga class. The rest is history, and these Edmonton mamas have worked hard to create such a trusted place to shop.

The lovely ladies were so kind to send Liam a little care package and he LOVED the reusable snack packs. These were so handy on a recent road trip we took to bring along some of his favourite yogurt.


Here’s the fun part! buddhiBaby is offering free shipping on your purchase for the next two weeks so hurry on over there and snatch up some goodies! Use code: buddhibex Even more fun? They are holding a birthday sale from September 1-8 so head on over for some great deals this week!

For more on buddhiBaby:

Disclaimer: buddhiBaby provided Liam with a few goodies in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I wanted to share because I adore what these lovely local babes have created. 


Weekend Recap

This weekend update is coming to you a bit later than normal. Liam and I are at home today with matching head colds that started out this weekend and seem to be getting worse. Colds or not, this was a weekend I had been waiting all summer for! It was the second annual LRPS girls weekend in Lethbridge, full of girl time, running, food and wine.

Also, how is today the last day of August? Didn’t August JUST start?

I took Friday off work and made sure we hit up Cool Beans for our first pumpkin coffee of the season before we hit the road. First stop in Calgary was Fiasco Gelato for a couple pints to bring to our carb loading dinner.


Second stop was at Brie’s for some lunch and diaper change before all hitting the road together. The drive from Calgary to Lethbridge with two toddlers was….interesting. Poor Sully was not a happy little man and Liam was so good trying to cheer him up most of the way.

We made it to the city in mostly one piece, stopping to pick up our race packages before continuing on to dinner. There was a big group of girls running the race, but with the poor air quality due to forest fires further south we all end up dropping down to the 5k distance.

We all gathered together for a ‘carb loading’ dinner aka a big excuse to eat all the food and visit while the kids ran around outside. Melissa was a saint for hosting a bunch of kids in her kid free, immaculate home.

LRPS Dinner

After dinner we headed back to Kaella’s to put the kids to bed. Ange came just after we got back as she was also staying with Kaella before the race. It was so nice to finally meet her in person! We enjoyed a glass or two of wine together before calling it a night.


My alarm went off about 6:15 to get ready for the race. It was far too early since I had a hard time sleeping and didn’t feel rested at all. I ended up having to wake Liam up too since he had a late night but we had to get going off to the hotel to meet everyone. I will do a full race recap later this week once race photos are posted!


After the race we hung out near the finish line for a little bit while the kids played in the bouncy castle. We had brunch reservations at 10 and I was so excited for food and a mimosa. Unfortunately by this point Liam was getting tired and was being a brat and I was having a hard time with him considering I was so tired too. We ended up having to leave in a hurry before everyone else when Liam had a meltdown. Toddlers. The eggs benny and mimosa were worth the frustration though.


Back at Kaella’s (where I stayed for the weekend), the boys went down for naps. Liam slept for about 3 hours and after a shower, I went to lie with him for awhile too. We had hopped to be able to take the boys on an adventure after nap time, but the smoke had rolled in again and it was too smokey to be outside. It was a long afternoon inside with the boys arguing over toys. A couple other girls came for dinner, wine and girl talk and it was so nice to be able to have more time to visit .


I didn’t last long after everyone went home since I had woken up with a cold and was feeling progressively worse as the evening went on. I felt bad calling it a night and curling up beside Liam shortly after 9pm.

Liam and I were up and packed up ready to go home pretty early. Liam was sad to leave London’s house Before we headed out, we had a photo session with my friend Tawnya who is an insanely talented photographer. I had contemplated cancelling just because I was feeling crumby and wanted to get home but I’m so glad I stuck it out. I can’t wait to see more photos.


We drove straight home without stopping and luckily Liam slept most of the way. We rolled into Red Deer just after noon, where I dropped him off at his dad’s and went home to sleep the rest of the afternoon. I had so much fun with everyone in Lethbridge but it felt so good to be in my own bed.

Lethbridge is such a beautiful little city and I’m so lucky to have such great girlfriends there. It’s too bad it’s such a long drive because I would love to be able to visit more often.

What was the highlight from your weekend?


Sunday Runday #36 – The Chocolate Chase Edition

Hi friends

Liam and I practiced our horizontal running today as we recovered from our races yesterday down in Lethbridge (recap later this week). We drove home this morning and he spent the afternoon with his dad while I nursed a terrible cold that followed me home. But that didn’t stop any other fabulous ladies from getting out and running today! Locally, there was a fun run put on by Bernard Callebaut and I’m a little sad I missed out but thankful for the ladies that did run for sharing today!


From Mel:
This morning I ran 3km in the chocolate chase. I haven’t run in a long time so it was a slow go, and the hill at the end was brutal, but I’m so glad I made it. The salted caramel gelato at the end was awesome.


From Meagan:
I finished my first 5k race today – of course it was the Chocolate Chase. No better way to top off some of my really hard work over the summer. Please ignore the hair… that’s what you get when you pull down your buff after running for almost an hour straight! *teehee*



From Lindsey:
Our little family participated in the Chocolate Chase 5km today! It was an awesome family fun run, and while it wasn’t timed we figured we came in just under 30 minutes. The best part was the sponsors! Bernard Callebaut Chocolates, Famoso Pizza and Babycakes cupcakes all which we enjoyed after the race :-)