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2015 Mud Hero Blog Meet Up

One of the best parts about blogging is connecting with other like-minded people across the province, country and even the world. I’ve made so many great friends within the blogging community and love every opportunity I get to meet bloggers in real life. Lately, it’s runs and races that connect me with new bloggers in real life, which is so fun! Races are always better with friends, new or old.


When I posted my Mud Hero recap earlier this summer, many of you guys mentioned wanting to run it next year. I think it would be so fun to get a big group of bloggers together for the run and maybe some lunch and drinks after. Would make a great weekend for sure!

They just announced the dates for next year’s race, August 7, 8 and 9, 2015. I believe registration opens in November and know that the days will sell out quickly. If anyone is interested in travelling to Red Deer for that weekend to run the race, let me know in the comments and we can try and figure out a day/time that works best for everyone! Typically I find that the Saturday morning is the best time to go so will probably plan around that. Also, you don’t have to be a blogger to join! Everyone is welcome, no matter your fitness level. It’s about making new friends, having fun and getting muddy!


This run is so much fun and I know you guys won’t regret coming to run it with me!

So, who’s in?!

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Feeding a Budding Artist

I received product from Kellog’s in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

One thing about Liam is that he is such a gentle little soul. There are many days where all he wants to do is draw, colour or paint and will spend all day doing so. I love this part of his personality because it provides a good contrast from the moments where he’s running around with his trucks or picking up rocks at the park. Not to mention the fact that art plays a big part of our family’s life.  I am so proud every time Liam brings home art work from the day home or creates a cool finger painting at home (while I try not to let my type A personality freak out about the mess).

Now that Liam is clearly no longer a baby, I want to redecorate his bedroom. I’ve been looking for new bedding and decor items from the Pottery Barn and want to plan out a gallery wall with some photos and some of his artwork framed. This means lots of time with the paints we received as part of our package from Kellog’s!


Of course, any budding artist needs to stay fuelled properly. Liam’s favourite snack of late are a bowl of the new Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes with some berries, raisins or other dried fruit. I don’t regularly buy cereals or other processed snacks for Liam but was actually pretty impressed when I read the ingredient list of this cereal. It has no artificial colours or flavours and contains an extra kick of Vitamin D, which is especially important for kids. The fun shapes can also provide a little extra inspiration for Liam’s next masterpiece. This is a good option for those rushed mornings where a quick breakfast is needed, or a snack to satisfy your kids.


I look forward to seeing what other creations Liam will make with his new paint set and sketch pad and can hopefully show them off to you once his new bedroom is complete.

What is your go-to snack? 
What is your kid’s favourite activity? Lego? Colouring? Dolls? 

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Weekend Recap

What a whirlwind weekend! I can’t believe it’s over just like that! While it was a busy one, it was my last busy one with any major plans for the next few weeks and hopefully it can stay that way. I’m ready for a low key weekend, hopefully enjoying some more of this gorgeous fall weather.

My parents were in town so mom came to pick Liam up from the day home with  me and we headed out to buy groceries for Liam’s birthday party. We picked up some Chinese take out along the way and met my dad at home for dinner. By the time Liam was in bed and everyone had left, I was too exhausted to want to think about starting house cleaning, which was my original Friday night plan. Thrilling, right? Instead I curled up on the couch with a glass of wine to watch the most recent episode of Parenthood.

Liam was up at 7am on the nose and we settled in under a blanket for a couple episodes of Bubble Guppies. We had a pretty lazy morning hanging around and playing before Liam’s dad picked him up. My dad had been staying in town so he stopped in too and once Liam was gone we headed out for brunch to Fionn McCool’s and then hit the road to Calgary. It was our annual daddy/daughter day at the Calgary Tattoo Festival. Unfortunately we ran into some construction on the way down which made our time there a little short since I had to be back before 6 to pick up Liam’s balloons. Neither of us were getting any work done, but I may have got the ball rolling on a piece by a traditional Japanese Tebori (hand poke) artist. I’ve been wanting a piece like that for a few years now and dad said ‘why not get on the wait list now instead of always talking about it’. Fair enough.

Once back in Red Deer, I bid farewell to dad and began the birthday party preparations. This included building Liam’s new toy box, which I was a little concerned about tackling on my own. It turned out great though! I was most excited to put out the decorations and left the cleaning until the very end at like 9pm. It felt really good to crawl into bed after all of that work!


PARTY DAY! I was so excited for Liam to come home so he could see the decorations and have all of his little friends over. We had a Bubble Guppy theme with homemade gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. It was chaos, but Liam had a blast. So much fun that he had no interest in napping for the rest of the day. Once everyone had left and the mess had been cleaned, we curled up on my bed for a little quiet time talking about the day. Liam told me it was a pretty great party and gave me a great big kiss of appreciation. One of those sweet little moments that I want to hold on to forever. Of course, the quiet time did not last and it was back to playing with all of the new toys. Bed time came early for the little man. I think he fell asleep before his head hit the bed just before 6pm.

cuppitycakesNo party is complete without Cuppitycakes cupcakes. Seriously, how amazing are these?!

wheresliamWhere’s Liam?

And that was that. The birthday weekend has come and gone, and we go on living life with a two year old. I don’t even know how I got to this day, but it’s pretty darn amazing. I hope to have some more photos of the party to share later this week. I was way too busy to snap any myself.