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REVIEW: New Kashi Products

I have a problem with cereal. The problem is that I REALLY like cereal and it’s not unusual for me to eat an entire box in record time. Because of this low self control, I generally avoid buying cereal for myself so I’ve never tried Kashi cereal before. I was recently given an opportunity to try some of the new cereals from Kashi and am pumped to have cereal in my pantry again!

Kashi recently released some new cereals and snack bars to keep up with current food trends and offer consumers gluten free, certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified products.  “Canadian consumers are increasingly seeking the goodness of real food as they recognize its power to nourish their bodies and fuel their lifestyles,” said Jenn Carkner, Senior Brand Manager, Kashi Canada in a recent press release about the new products.  I think it’s great to see bigger brands stepping up to provide gluten free options with the rise of consumer with gluten intolerance. I’m also happy to see people becoming more aware of GMO’s even though there’s still a risk of cross-pollination meaning there still a chance of GMO ingredients sneaking their way in.

I’ve been happily munching away on the new Kashi cereals and have to say I’m a fan. The Nutty Chia Flax was a big hit with Liam and will probably be something that is regularly stocked in our pantry as I find it to be a better alternative to Cheerios.

Kashi Nutty Chia Flax Multigrain Cereal

Kashi Nutty Chia Flax Multigrain Cereal

My personal favourite is the gluten free Indigo Morning, which is a corn flake cereal with blueberries and blackberries. I would probably add just a few more fresh berries on top for even more flavour, but think it’s a great cereal to enjoy before bed (the best time for cereal, IMO). 

Kashi Organic Promise Indigo Morning Cereal

Kashi Organic Promise Indigo Morning Cereal

The last one is the Simple Maize which is just a simple gluten free corn flake cereal. This one definitely needs some toppings to kick up the flavour so I added some Trader Joe’s dried raspberries on top for perfection.

Kashi Organic Promise Simply Maize Cereal

Kashi Organic Promise Simply Maize Cereal

I think these are some great options for anyone looking for a healthier cereal, especially if you’re looking for something gluten free! I know a few friends who are already loving the gluten free options.

Now onto the snack bars. I threw a few of these into the diaper bag when I was in Vancouver for emergencies and was already anxious to try them out by the time I got to the airport. Both the Cranberry Lemon and Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Chia Granola bars are bursting with flavour. I’m generally not a fan of the salty/sweet combo but I was surprised by the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar for sure. Chia is a great source of protein, fibre and Omega’s which help pack these bars with some good nutritional benefits. The only thing is that they keep me satiated for as long as I’d like. I generally try to find bars that have over 10g of protein for the fullness factor and these bars are around 6 I think. In the future I would try spreading some nut butter on the Dark Chocolate bar, I bet it would taste amazing!

Kashi Chia Granola Bars Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt

Kashi Chia Granola Bars Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt

Kashi Chia Granola Bars Cranberry Lemon

All in all, I’m really glad for the opportunity to try out these new Kashi products and will definitely keep them in mind for future cereal cravings.

What is your favourite kind of cereal?
Have you ever tried Kashi products before?
Are organic and non-GMO options important to you? 

Disclaimer: I was provided Kashi products in exchange for this review, all thoughts are my own. 




Current Book: I just finished Corey Taylor’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven. It was a fantastic read about his experiences and theories with the paranormal. His stories are thrilling and chilling. I enjoyed this much more than his previous book, Seven Deadly Sins. I have a pile more books on my nightstand waiting for me to dive in so I’m not sure what will be up next!


Current Music: Since I read both of Corey Taylor’s books back to back, I went on a big Corey Taylor music spree, listening to some old Slipknot and Stone Sour albums non-stop. Also on rotation has been the new Against Me! album, sprinkled with a few random songs I’ve been enjoying. House of the Rising Sun by White Buffalo, Flicker, Fade by Taking Back Sunday, and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy have been shuffling through my playlists lately. On a slightly related note, Five Finger Death Punch covered the classic song House of the Rising Sun and it is TERRIBLE. So bad. I actually get angry when it comes on the radio at work.

Current Guilty Pleasure: AWAKE Chocolate. I discovered this at the iMedia conference and I just can’t stop. It’s chocolates with enough caffeine to equal  ½ cup of coffee. I like to enjoy one with my coffee in the morning.



Current Nail Color: Pink. Always pink. I very rarely ever paint my toenails a different color. The current shade I’m wearing is A Like-Haley Story from the Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection.

Current Drink: I just stocked up on my current KCup. It’s Island Coconut and it’s a limited edition. Of course, because my favorite things always get ripped away from me. I bought the last three boxes at the little grocery store down the street from me that had the best selection of Kcups in the city. I should be good for a couple months. I’ve been enjoying my coffee in the new mug I picked up from Chapters. It makes me feel good in the morning!

Current Food: I just finished eating my favorite snack of the moment: coconut Oikos Greek yogurt with a banana and a handful of macadamia nuts. If a snack was a tropical vacation, I’d be sunbathing in Hawaii.

Current Favorite Show: I haven’t been watching any TV at all lately but my coworker gave me a copy of Homeland Season 3 and I’m excited to get caught up on that. I’m still patiently waiting for Sons of Anarchy to come back.

What are you up to currently?


Halfway to Three

I can hardly believe that Liam turns 1.5 today! I’m so thankful this little man has chosen me to be his mama and I have loved every minute of watching him grow up. The last few months I’ve really noticed his transition from my little baby to a little man. He’s learned and grown so much! Each day I’m amazed at what he can do.

Here’s 18 things about Liam at 18 months:

1) He babbles a LOT. He’s constantly learning new words and mimicking us when we talk to him. It’s the cutest. My favourite is when I tell him to say cheese getting a picture.

2) He doesn’t talk to strangers but will say hi and bye to animals. He’s a pretty shy guy at first, takes him a bit to warm up to new people and  new surroundings.


3) His love of animals melts my heart. It’s one of my favourite things about this kid. At the petting zoo in Vancouver, he hugged all of the goats goodbye before we left their pen. If he sees a dog, chances are he will run after it squealing in delight. He is always so gentle with animals, we’ve never had to teach him to pet nice or not to pull hair or ears.


4) I love dressing this kid up. He is exclusively in size 2T and wearing size 6 shoes. When I found out I was having a boy I was a little sad I wouldn’t get to buy all the adorable little girl clothes. There isn’t as much selection for boys but I still manage to find some awesome stuff to keep him stylish. Liam has better style and a better wardrobe than his mama for sure. I am working on a Liam fashion’s post to come in the next few weeks.


5) His favourite things to eat are smoothies, bananas, berries, yogurt, cheese, Annie’s crackers, apple chips and frozen peas. He eats better for his dad and the day home then he does for me. I feel like I’m constantly fighting with him not to throw his food on the floor.


6) Tantrums are plentiful these days. He regularly screams and throws himself on the floor when he doesn’t get his way which is often and frustrating. I hope I can curb this behaviour somehow really quickly!

7) He still sleeps like a champ. He goes to bed around 7, sometimes falling asleep right away and sometimes playing for awhile first and that’s ok with me. He wakes between 6 and 7. Sometimes he wakes in the night wanting some milk but most of the time he sleeps right through. He has one afternoon nap ranging anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 or more!


8) The Cow still goes everywhere. There was a moment in Vancouver it almost got lost, thank god to the person who stopped to tell me we had dropped it.

9) Liam still loves to read and especially likes his Sandra Boynton books.

10) He’s the best at random acts of love. One day we were out for dinner and he kept putting one arm around me to give me a hug and I nearly cried in the middle of the restaurant. There are random moments that he will stop his playing and run over to give you a hug. It’s the best. He’s even getting better at giving me a goodnight hug and kiss, which is the perfect end to the day.

11) Every day I’m amazed at how much he can understand when I talk. I can ask him to put something away, put his clothes in the laundry, go get something and he listens and does it (most of the time). It’s amazing and sometimes I highly underestimate how smart this little guy is


12) Tickle fights! We love them. Liam belly laughs to no end when I tickle him and he loves to tickle me back. We have far too much fun with this.

13) Liam’s favourite show is Bubble Guppies. He always asks for ‘Bubba’ and he will sing and dance along to the opening song. So cute.

14) His favourite kind of music is anything girly and poppy. The other day Pink came on iTunes and he stopped and started dancing along. He also LOVES Skinamarinky-dinky-dink. He gets so excited when I start singing and will sing along with me. By sing along I mean he goes ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ really loud the whole time and then says ‘again’ when it’s over. Repeat x infinity.


15) He’s learning to test boundaries lately. When I tell him not to touch something he gets a sly look on his face and gets as close as he possibly can to it. I’ve had to start taking toys away from him when he doesn’t play nice with them. Then commences the tantrum.

16) Diaper changes are always a fight these days. He does not like to take the couple minutes to stop what he’s doing and get a diaper change. It’s a frustrating process and while I don’t look forward to potty training him, I can’t wait for him to be out of diapers. We are still using cloth diapers, but he wears Honest Co disposable diapers at night. No matter what I did, he always had a big leak in cloth at night and now he doesn’t. We still have an issue with the occasional leaky cloth diaper during the day, but I think it’s just the kind of diaper we have. I’m not willing to invest in new ones at this stage so we just roll with it and do our best to avoid them.

photo (10)

17) The kid loves shoes and socks. He often goes into my sock drawer and wants to put on my socks to wear around. He tries to put on everyone’s shoes and will even bring them to you before you go out anywhere. I don’t know where this fascination with footwear comes from but it’s pretty funny.

18) He’s a lady killer and makes me afraid for when he’s older. Everywhere we go he garners so much female attention, from toddlers to old ladies. He knows how to flirt and does it too well for my liking. I sometimes feel like I’m out with a celebrity for the amount of attention this kid gets. I mean, I always knew my kid was super cute, but I thought that was just because he’s mine!