Family Sensory Play

Halloween Sensory Bin

Halloween Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a great way to entertain babies, toddlers and children alike while adding a bit of fine motor practice. Liam really loves playing at the various sensory bins his day home provider creates, and I would like to extend his learning to home too. They are so cheap and easy to put together, provide hours of play time and are a great break from commercial toys. I am hoping to create a new bin for Liam every month.

Naturally, the October bin is Halloween themed. I hit up the dollar store by my office for everything I needed. Here’s what’s inside:

– one package creepy mice
– one package plastic spiders
– one package plastic beetles
– one package plastic ants
– plastic chopsticks
– scoop
– plastic cup (from Ikea)
– black beans from the bulk section of the grocery store.

Easy peasy and all under $10. Liam pulls this out almost every day and loves to try and pick up all the bugs and creepy crawlies with the chopsticks. Sometimes he will even bring me over a bug and laugh maniacally when I squeal a little.

halloween sensory bin2


Weekend Recap

I’m going to be honest here, I’m almost happy the weekend is over. Liam was being extremely challenging and I feel more exhausted then rested. We still managed to have some good moments and some fun, but man, the terrible two’s are really terrible sometimes.

Friday was a stressful day. Liam had been up Thursday night with night terrors caused by a fever. Poor guy was shaking so badly the first time from being so scared and the second time his fever had spiked to 103. I was so worried about him. He was ok by morning but I kept him home for an extra hour just to make sure before he went to the day home. By late morning my day home lady called me to tell me he wasn’t doing so well, weak, pale, lethargic and just not himself. She wanted to try him for a nap and he ended up sleeping for four hours before I went and picked him up. Layne was in town only for the evening and instead of bouncing the kid around when he’s sick, offered to come over and hang out with him, put him to bed and allow me to go to a work dinner. I was very thankful for that.

I had a great dinner and drinks with my marketing cohorts at OJ’s, and was home and in bed by my usual bedtime of 10, haha.

Liam was back to himself Saturday morning, but decided to have a chill morning at home just to be sure. We watched Frozen (finally saw the end) and did a little baking.


After lunch things went downhill. Liam refused to nap and it resulted in the biggest meltdown I think I’ve ever seen. When I finally gave in trying to make him nap, he refused to do anything else. It was nearly two hours of him screaming his face off before I could convince him to put his shoes and coat on to go to the park. Mommy needed some fresh air.


The fresh air was nice even if it was a bit chilly. These two are so cute together, it’s so fun watching them. Either Liam is following Delano around and Delano isn’t paying attention, or Delano is trying to get Liam to follow him but Liam’s not paying attention.

After the park I stopped by the grocery store for some missing ingredients to finish my baking. Liam was not listening, picking everything up and driving me crazy. I was so thankful when bed time came even though he fought that too. I took to my yoga mat for a nice hour long practice to melt away my frustration before catching up on the week’s episode of Parenthood.

We slept in a bit Sunday morning, which was to be expected considering someone didn’t nap the day before. However we were expected at the lake for breakfast so it was a mad rush to get out the door without being horribly late. We had a great day at the lake visiting with the family and having a late birthday celebration for Liam. Spoiled boy!


Flags of Remembrance 2014

birthday at the lake

We came home after lunch so the sleepy boy could nap. He had fallen asleep five minutes from home, slept all the way into his bed until I decided to take his jacket off him. An hour of him goofing off in his crib and I gave up, packing him up to go to the grocery store again. I could have packed my groceries in the bags under his eyes! Not sure what’s up with this no nap business, because I know he needs it!

We came home from the grocery store to make some spaghetti squash spaghetti, which Liam inhaled, before another fight to go to bed. Seriously, fighting with my kid is exhausting. I much prefer him when he’s being a little angel.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Healthy Living

Fitness Friday

I was thinking about how much my blog has changed since I started it the other day. When I first starting blogging, it was mainly just a personal space for all of my random musings. In high school and college I took an interest in music reviews given that I was a huge music lover and that became the focus of my writing. When fitness became a huge part of my life, I quickly discovered the world of fitness blogging, where my blog blossomed and became a much bigger part of my life as well. Now that I’m a mom and fitness isn’t the focus of my life, my blog has taken another direction again. I always wanted to maintain the healthy living aspect and not have the blog taken over by baby talk, but inevitably, that’s more or less all I know these days. Of course healthy living and fitness is still important to me, and I will continue to talk about it on this space but it’s just not the main focus anymore and I guess I just finally was able to admit that to myself. Anyways, enough of my rambling.

I’ve fallen off the workout bandwagon again. Hard.  Are you surprised? It’s a never-ending cycle for me. This week was my climb back on, albeit a slow one. I want to restart the 4 week waistline program from Reflexion Yoga and get back into headstand practice.


For some reason I had the worst headache lasting from lunchtime until I went to bed. I was bound and determined to hit the yoga mat, but the series I had planned was too intense for my poor headache so I had to try something a little more gentle.

30 minute yoga flow via Reflexion Yoga


30 minute chaturanga form via Reflexion Yoga
Afterwards I made my return to hanging upside down with some headstand practice. I’m motivated to learn forearm stand and eventually scorpion after watching my yogi/running/work buddy Natalia make amazing progress from learning headstand to nailing scorpion in a few short months. She’s my inspiration for sure!

Boats and Floats via Reflexion Yoga. This video was focusing on floating from boat pose into high plank and back again. I’m not going to lie, I was a complete mess. I don’t have the strength yet to lift my hips high enough for my legs and feet to float through, and I kept getting caught on my super sticky mat. This entire video felt a little rough because I’m feeling tight all over.

60 minute core series via Reflexion Yoga

I’m hoping this weekend to find time for a good run, although it will most likely be with Liam in the stroller since his dad isn’t home this weekend.  I also hope to fit in lots of yoga in the evenings, focusing on opening the shoulders and hips. I’m definitely feeling the effects of the stress I’ve been experience the last couple weeks in my body and it isn’t pretty. I was hoping to be able to treat myself to a stress reduction massage at a local salon, but will have to save that for the next time Liam is with his dad.

What’s everyone up to this weekend?