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Mini Mountain Adventures

Adventuring with kids is always a gamble. It could be a complete disaster or it could be absolutely amazing. You never really know which way it will go until you get out there and try. I had no idea what to expect packing Liam up on Sunday morning to do the Grassi Lakes trail just outside of Canmore.


“Liam, what do you say if we see a bear?”

He puts his hands out in front of him, “Whoa, bear!”.

This may be one of my proudest parenting moments, teaching him the basics from my Bear Aware training from a college summer job in the foothills. It’s kind of an inside joke for my family and friends who’ve been through this training. Don’t worry, we were carrying bear spray too.

Shortly after that, Liam took off running up the trail. I looked at my work friend who joined us for the day and said, “I bet you didn’t expect to be trail running today, did you?”. Liam was our trail guide and entertainment as we walked through the trees. At one point, he had stopped and spread his hands out claiming to be the owner of this trail, “I call it the Universe Trail!” It was in this moment that made me wonder if Liam could feel the magic of the mountains the same way I do.



We stopped midway to take in the views of the waterfall, the Canmore townsite, Ha Ling Peak and EEOR while we ate our picnic lunch. There were tons of people along the trail and a lot of them were impressed to see Liam trucking along, having a great time.

At one point, someone from one group gave Liam a high five as they passed and another person told him they liked his hat. He turned around with the hugest grin and said, “Mama, they think I’m cool!”. But I was grinning even more because I thought he was pretty cool for being out there with me. He was having so much fun, making up his own stories and adventures, and didn’t complain about the walk or ask to be carried once.

IMG_7246 IMG_7247 IMG_7249

We probably spent a good hour or more wandering around the beautiful little lakes, petting all the pups who were eager to go for a swim, watching the rock climbers and throwing rocks into the water. Liam wanted to keep exploring but eventually I had to convince him that it was time to go since we still had to make the walk back. We took the easy route back down to the parking lot and Liam took off in a full out sprint for nearly half the return trip. Again, I laughed as my friend and I ran behind, still not expecting to be out trail running with an almost-four-year-old on a Sunday afternoon in the mountains. The running slowed to a crawl followed by just a bit of complaining from a tired little boy. The promise of ice cream was all that kept him going to the bottom. There were some pretty happy high fives when we reached the parking lot, my heart swollen with pride and my soul full of that mountain magic.

There’s really nothing better than conquering new trails with your mini adventure buddy.



Weekend Recap

I kind of took an unplanned break from the blog last week. Let’s face it, sometimes I just don’t have much to chat about. I was fighting a cold and enjoyed having a bit of extra down time. I mean, how many of you are actually reading this in the summer anyways? I’m sure you didn’t miss me :p

This past weekend was an adventurous one for Liam and I. I have this feeling that summer is coming to a close too quickly and I’m doing my best to enjoy every last drop before fall is upon us.

Weekend Recap

I came home from work to an empty house and nothing on the to-do list so I curled up and finished my current read. I definitely recommend adding this to your reading lists and can’t wait to discuss it at my next book club meet.


Later in the evening, I headed out for dinner and a movie. We hit up Famoso for ‘good pizza’ (aka not the greasy pizza that will leave my stomach feeling out of whack for a week) and beer followed by Sausage Party. That movie was 10/10 highly inappropriate and hilarious. I haven’t laughed out loud that much at a comedy in ages.

The typical Saturday morning market trip where I met up with Cassandra and the kiddos. It was a gorgeous market day and we ended up at a nearby park so her littles could burn some energy. Randomly, I spotted Liam and his dad walking by the park, which resulted in Liam joining me earlier than expected. We were overdue for a visit and playdate with Cassandra so it couldn’t have worked out any better.


I had hoped to get some grocery shopping done, but it was home for some lunch and a nap instead. Thank goodness for Superstore Click and Collect! While Liam napped, I was a crazy person and mopped the floor and reorganized the linen closet. I’m not sure why the cleaning bug bit me so suddenly but sometimes it needs to happen.

Once Liam was up, we headed to Bower Ponds for some paddle boats. It was a beautiful afternoon to spend exploring the ponds, catching the ducks and geese and trying to avoid getting stuck. I didn’t realize how much of a workout paddling that little boat would be, but when you’re the one doing all the work, it really works up a sweat.

IMG_7211 IMG_7213 IMG_7224 IMG_7225

Liam slept until 7am and we got up and ready for a day trip to the mountains. We headed to Canmore for walk up to Grassi Lakes. I want to write more on hiking with kids so watch for that in another post. We ended up having an amazing afternoon exploring the trail and definitely rewarded ourselves with ice cream when we got back into town.


We got back home in time to have dinner and go to bed, which was kind of disaster considering Liam fell asleep in the car around 4pm. Oops. It was so worth it for such an amazing day adventuring together. The mountains just make my soul feel so happy and I hope that Liam will one day be able to feel the mountain magic the same way.

And now it’s back to real life. Why can’t we just adventure together every day?


Healthy Living

Fitness Friday

Man am I happy to see Friday. It’s been a week. A very long week. I haven’t been feeling 100%, the constant rain is really starting to get to me, and Liam has been moodier than a pubescent teenage girl this week.


This week was week 3 of the 22 Minute Hard Corp program. While I admit to missing a couple workouts, I am definitely feeling stronger and looking forward to checking in with my progress at the end of next week, which is the halfway point. I also made a return to lunch runs this week, which hasn’t been happening lately (my runs take place of the cardio videos in the program).



22 Minute Hard Corps Resistance 1

2.5-mile lunch run – cut short due to a few claps of loud thunder, which of course didn’t amount to anything.


22MHC Resistance 2

Lunch run – no set distance in mind

22MHC Resistance 2

Tonight Liam and I are picking up our latest haul from our vegetable share. Turns out I was picking up on the wrong week, so instead of getting my next share next week, it’s tonight. I’m going to have a lot of vegetables to get through since I have tons leftover from last week’s pickup. I’m loving the vegetable share, but find the hardest part knowing how to store everything properly to ensure it stays fresh longer.

Tomorrow I’m off to a wedding and aside from that, I don’t have much else planned. This will be the first of three weddings in the next month which should be a ton of fun!

How was your week of workouts? 
What are you up to this weekend?