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Lacombe Half-Marathon Recap

I made a last minute decision to join a number of friends running in the Lacombe Half-Marathon as part of Lacombe Days on Saturday. This race is in the nearby town of Lacombe and starts off their annual parade, which is super cool. I had gave myself a goal of reaching a 30 minute 5k time by the end of July but hadn’t really been very committed to striving for that during my training but I thought I’d give it a shot and hope for the best.

I was kind of nice running a local race that started a bit later, so I didn’t have to get up super early. Liam woke me around 6 and I got him ready for the day as his dad was picking him up before I had to leave. I had my usual toast with nut butter but was out of bananas, womp womp. Mary picked me up around 8, just after Liam left and we hit the highway.

We arrived with plenty of time as we found parking right at the start line with no issues. We just hung around, chatting about our pre-race nerves and waiting for the other people we knew running to arrive.


I had two goals for this race:
A) Sub 30
B) Under 35 minutes
C) Have fun

I’ve only ran one other 5k before, it was a fun run and I had no idea what my finishing time was so this race was really to set the record for my 5k race time.

The Race
The start of this race was kind of weird since they had the half marathoners first, then the 10k runners and then they started the 5k and 3k runners a few minutes later. I went out with the 10k’s since most of my friends were in that group and I was hoping to keep them in my sights for the first half before their route changed. I loved that this race started along the parade route. Seeing so many people waving and cheering is such good motivation to keep going and I had a few friends watching with their kiddos along the way. I had really hoped that Liam would have been there too but for they didn’t end up coming.

I failed to keep my friends in my sights but was still running at a 6min/km pace which is a fast start for me. I completely burnt out by what I thought was 2km and ended up taking a break. This is when the negative self talk started. I was made at myself for stopping since I know I’m capable of running that distance without. I had a hard time keeping the momentum going after that and stopped again within the same kilometre. At this point I had given up getting that 30 minute PR and fought with myself to just keep running.

After the course left the parade route, we were running through residential streets. What made me made was that these streets weren’t closed off and there was still traffic driving by. It was totally distracting to annoying to me and I added it to the list of excuses about why this race was going so bad for me.

I rounded a corner before somewhere before hitting what I thought was 4k and could see the finish line. I was so confused because my phone hadn’t said it was even at 4k yet and I knew that it wasn’t more than 1k to the finish. Regardless, I picked up my pace and gave it my all to the finish line. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone running on the grass beside me, thinking it was a family member of someone running close to me. Suddenly I see this person pointing their phone at me as if to take my picture and I was totally weirded out before I realized it was a friend of mine!! I was way too focused on that finish line, haha.


Crops: Fabletics

I was surprised with how much gas I had in the tank considering that last stretch felt like it was taking forever and I could feel my stomach burning like I was going to throw up. I sprinted the last 200m or so and saw 31 minutes on the clock as I passed the finish line. I was so confused at what happened since my phone said I had only done 4.5k.

I grabbed a much needed water and banana and headed back near the finish line to meet up with  my stalker photo buddy and cheer in everyone who was in the 10k behind me. I have to give a major shoutout to my Sunday Runday buddy, Mary who finished her second ever race in 1:01! That’s a huge PR for her from Woody’s in the spring. She had her eye on a 1:05 finish and totally knocked it out of the park. I’m so proud of her. Another shout out to Lindsey who came in 2nd in her category in the 10k!

After most everyone was finished, I headed over to the results table to see what my actual finishing time was. I was definitely expecting something around 35-37, given how terrible the middle part of the race went for me and knowing what my normal 5k runs are. I was completely shocked when I saw the number beside my name.



I was ecstatic. It wasn’t exactly a sub 30, but it’s close enough that I’m crossing it off my bucket list anyways. Who knows that the heck happened with my Nike Run app to throw me off so much but it was enough to make me go out and buy a running watch immediately.

Well ok, Mary and I had celebratory brunch and mimosas first.

Then I bought myself a watch.


Final Thoughts
I think this was a really cool small town run for the most part. Given there was only around 200 runners in total, the logistics were pretty simple. I LOVED running the parade route and am really thrilled with the running hat that came with registration. The shirts were really cute too, but I registered too late to get one.

The only thing I didn’t like was running with cars driving by and turning in front of me, and the fact that there was no medal at the end. It’s all about the bling.


Weekend Recap

Good morning friends. Welcome to another Monday.

We met up with Brie and Sully for a little play date at Imagination Grove since they were passing through town. I hadn’t met Sully yet and he is just as cute in person. It was so cute watching them play on the big slide together. Sully would wait in anticipation for Liam to come down, then giggle when he appeared at the bottom.  At one point while running back around to go up again Liam yelled out, “I’m coming for you Sully!”.

Imagination Grove

After Liam’s dad picked him up, I was off to Lacombe for the Lacombe Half-Marathon. Stay tuned for my race recap tomorrow.

Mary and I went for celebratory brunch and mimosas (which I’m thinking will be our post-race ritual from now on) and then I headed downtown to meet up with Cassandra at Centre Fest, our annual street performer festival. We didn’t actually see any of the acts but ended up wandering to Cool Beans for some coffees and a visit before the storm hit.

I needed to keep moving because I knew if I took time to relax that I’d be done for the day. I hit up Best Buy to treat myself to a new running watch, and then home for groceries just in time to watch the crazy storm that rolled in. Intense, close lightening, heavy wind and a torrential downpour so heavy I could hardly see across the street. It was nuts. It didn’t last long and I was off putting away groceries and cleaning the condo.

I finally made it out to To The Lost, a new cocktail bar that opened up downtown that I’ve been eager to check out for a few weeks now. I was overwhelmed with drink choices but was recommended this amazing beer.


I figured that was enough of falling off the 21 Day Fix wagon (sorry, Brie) and went home to bed early.

It was probably not the best idea, but Mary and I met for our Sunday Runday date. It didn’t go well for me, since I had sore shins from the race and we ended up walking more than we ran. It was lovely to get out and start the day out with some fresh air and good company, even if I should have rested instead.


I went home and took a nice hot bubble bath, did some laundry, meal prep and a bit of blog work before going to pick up Liam. I found out today that his little best buddy is moving to Calgary which is so sad. We had them over for a play date and hope to get as much time in as we can before they go. The boys had way too much fun together, as always.

And that’s a wrap! Another weekend in the books. I’m looking forward to the long weekend coming up and am hoping to find a fun adventure for Liam and I. I originally thought there was a few of us meeting up in Waterton for the weekend, but turns out I’m a month early and it’s not until September long weekend. Whoops!

Hope you all have a great week!

What was the highlight of your weekend? 


Sunday Runday #32

Good evening my running buddies. I hope you all have had a great weekend! Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me as spoiler alert: I hit my goal of a 30 minute 5k at the Lacombe Half Marathon! I will post a race recap early this week.


This morning I dragged Mary out of bed so we could go on a little shakeout run after our triumphs yesterday. We ended up walking more than we ran, but that’s ok because we both worked hard yesterday .


From Leigh:
I was able to get out for a 7km run (my garmin was so slow to find satellites) this morning by myself. My legs were absolutely dead from almost three weeks of the 21 day fix extreme. Best part of my run was finding $5!


From Ashley:
Today I ran 18km for the very first time! I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt…lots… But the Half Ironman race was going on and the elites kept passing us which was so inspiring and kept me going. I then spent the remainder of the day laying on the couch watching Netflix and eating snacks. I regret nothing. 😉


From Jen:
Today I really struggled with motivation to head out for my run. But when I got out there it was a beautiful day. I usually use run/walk to get through my long runs but I’m experimenting with heart rate training and by keeping my heart rate lower I was able to run 9 miles nonstop. I felt fantastic by the time I got home and was so glad I got myself out the door.



Thanks for joining in ladies!

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