The Sweater

I’m lucky to have a group of friends with toddlers around the same age as Liam to share stories with. These kids are at the age where they are striving for independence and wanting to do things for themselves. Liam’s most used phrase lately is ‘I do it self, Mom’. Liam is strong willed and always has his opinions. One thing I’m really surprised about is that he hasn’t yet shown any interest in what he wears.

I will often try to give him a choice in shirts or pants to wear for the day, but he just looks at me and says ‘huh?’ and continues to play with whatever has his attention. He doesn’t care.

Except for The Sweater.

My mom has a talent for knitting the most beautiful things, and knit Liam a beautiful sweater last year. The minute we tried to put it on Liam to see how it fit, he refused. He would bat it away, run away or hide in order to not put the sweater on. Figuring it was just  a matter of being too invested with playing, I’d try another day. Still no. There was nothing we could do to get that sweater on him. It was the most bizarre scenario for a boy who’s indifferent to the things he wears.

Eventually I passed the sweater on to Cassandra in hopes that Oliver would wear it so my mom’s knitting efforts weren’t wasted. Luckily, he had no qualms about The Sweater…

The Sweater

Since then, Liam has had no other objections to any of his clothing. He’s worn other brown shirts and other knit sweaters without hesitation. I’m not sure what it was about this sweater that he didn’t like, but I’m thankful those fights aren’t a regular occurrence.


Weekend Recap

So, the other day I was saying how slow December seemed to be creeping by. But now there’s only one weekend left before Christmas and in the blink of an eye 2015 will be upon us. Time is weird, isn’t it? I’m trying to pack in as much holiday fun with Liam as I can, showing him what the holidays are all about and taking in all of the magical moments.

I snuck out of work a little bit early to pick Liam up and take him for haircut. I didn’t take too much off, because our super sweet hairdresser was just gushing over how amazing Liam’s hair is. He looked pretty darn handsome once we were done and he got his complimentary popcorn. From there we headed to the mall on a mission to meet Santa. Liam was so excited waiting in line. As soon as he saw Santa, he started jumping up and down. It was so cool to watch his eyes light up.



Then once we got closer he kept asking if it was his turn. I wondered how the meeting would go since he has been playing shy around strangers, but given his excitement thought it would be no big deal. But I was wrong. Liam wanted no part in sitting on Santas knee. We managed to sneak a good photo anyways, with Liam leaning on the sleigh and Santa standing behind him. You’d never know that Liam wasn’t truly sitting on his knee. Once we got a photo, Liam gave Santa a high five but wanted nothing to do with a hug. While we were walking away he was waving furiously saying ‘Bye Santa’. It was heart melting.


I have to share this story about what I overheard waiting for our turn to meet Santa. There was a native family in front of us, and Santa asked each family member what they wanted for Christmas. I couldn’t hear the responses, but heard Santa telling the girl to read to her little brother every night and to try to limit playing video games and watching TV while he’s awake. I couldn’t hear everything, but I know he was emphasizing how important it was to help his brother learn through reading and being a good role model. It was really heart warming to see Santa being such a great influence. He is really the best Santa I’ve ever seen, so kind and patient with every single kid and not to mention looks authentic. I hope that he will continue to be Santa in our city long enough for Liam to learn a thing or two from him when he’s old enough to understand better.

After we got our photos it was home to crash from all of the excitement. This mama did nothing but crawl into bed early since my cold had been kicking my butt earlier in the day and Saturday was going to be a busy day.

I was up well before my alarm. Yes, alarm on a Saturday, ugh. My folks were suppose to be picking up Liam and I to head to Calgary for a family lunch with the rest of the clan. Unfortunately my dad ended up with the same cold Liam and I had and wasn’t able to come. I was up and ready to go, determining whether the snow and rain were going to make the roads too terrible to travel. For some reason, Liam chose this of all days to sleep in until nearly 9am!! I had to go wake him up finally so we could hurry and eat and get on the road. The roads ended up being ok and we made it just in the nick of time. We enjoyed a super tasty lunch at the Selkirk Grill at Heritage Park. Any place that serves fresh made perogies has my heart. It was a bit stressful trying to keep Liam from causing a disaster at a nice restaurant over the course of three hours, but he did pretty good, especially considering it was well past his nap time by the time we left. He was fast asleep before we were out of the city. I had originally planned to stay overnight and hit up the blogger get together Jen had planned, but figured it would be best for Liam not to since his cold got worse and was still adjusting to sleeping in a bed.

Once we were home we just ate some dinner and Liam went to bed. Note: spaghetti squash does not freeze well. The quick dinner I made with frozen spaghetti squash, chicken and pesto was not as delicious as I had hoped. The squash was so watery. I ended up eating Liam’s leftover chicken fingers from lunch while watching Pitch Perfect again after Liam went to bed.

I was not lucky enough to have a 9am sleep in. Liam was up after 7 and it was straight to the cartoons so mama could have some coffee. Of course, Liam requested Frozen while I made pumpkin pancakes. After breakfast and the movie, we headed out for some groceries. For some reason Liam had far too much energy  in the morning and it felt a lot closer to 5pm than 10am at the grocery store. We made it home for some lunch and Liam continued to cause chaos while I finished putting groceries away, did some laundry and made lunch. Liam took a break from the craziness to help me start some chocolate chip cookies.


My good friend Natalia was in town for the weekend and stopped by for a visit too. She helped us finish the cookies and get started on some meal prep while visiting.

Liam was a champ and had no issues going down for his second nap in his big boy bed. I was kind of shocked considering how hyper he had been all day. No complaints whatsoever. I ended up waking him up shortly before 4 so we could get bundled up to go to Heritage Ranch for the Winter Night Lights tour. It wasn’t quite dark enough for the full effect of all of the Christmas lights, but we still had fun on the sleigh ride, seeing the lights and even spotted some deer and bunnies along the trails. I think it’s such a fun activity to do and was glad that we could make it out. Afterwards Liam insisted on going to the playground but that didn’t last long as it was super slippery and he fell and scraped his forehead. Poor guy.

Once Liam was in bed, I decided to abandon any further meal prep or workouts for a glass of wine and a bath instead. It was much needed after such a busy weekend! I have no complaints though. It’s been so fun seeing the magic and wonder of Christmas through Liam. I want to do more holiday activities with him, like drive around to look at lights and build our Frozen gingerbread house.

How was your weekend? Any festive activities? 

Healthy Living Reviews

Fitness Friday + Fabletics Love

I’ve been hearing about Fabletics all over the blog world for some time now, and even more as they began shipping to Canada recently. Fabletics is a line of workout gear created by Kate Hudson. It’s super great quality, stylish and much more affordable than most high quality workout gear out there today. You take a quick style survey and you get a bunch of different outfits selected just for you at the start of each month. Outfits start at just $50 and that’s for two or three pieces! Amazing considering you can hardly get one workout top for that price. You can skip the month at no charge so you are never obligated to purchase which is great. For my first order I had to get the Vaasa Sports Bra after seeing it on Lindsey and couldn’t resist the Salar Leggings in this pretty blue colour.


Of course I had to show them off in a headstand. 

When I received them in the mail, they were repackaged and sopping wet with a letter from Canada Post saying the package was on a truck involved in a highway accident. I was worried that they would have been ruined but after a wash they were perfectly fine. They fit amazingly and stood the test through a Piyo workout. I will definitely be ordering again in the new year.