Weekend Recap

Ugh. Another Monday. I went into the weekend with no plans and no child. Since I’ve been so exhausted lately, I had hoped a lot of relax time would happen. That wasn’t so much the case. I had a great weekend, but I didn’t cure that run down feeling I’ve been feeling.

It was business as usual until Liam went to bed. Once he was down, I had intentions of fitting in a good session with my yoga mat, however technology had other plans and I couldn’t get my video to play. I reverted to some headstand practice instead.


Thrilling, right? It’s my mission to build the strength for pincha, or forearm pose. I attempted it against the door and holy man was I shaking. It will be awhile before I get there, but I WILL get it.

I eventually settled into the couch with a big mug of tea for a chick flick.

Liam was up around 7:30. We ate breakfast and got ready for the day before heading down to the farmers market. But not without a quick stop into Bikram Yoga. They carry Spiritual Gangster stuff and there’s a tank I’ve been coveting for awhile now but could never get in my size. I knew they had just gotten a new shipment and I HAD to get my hands on that tank. I’m so happy I finally did, even though it was quite pricey. Well worth it, my new favourite for sure.

After the market I was off to get some errands out of the way. I needed to find some decorations and whatnot for Liam’s birthday party as well as his gift! His birthday theme this year is Bubble Guppies (his favourite show) and there is literally NO Bubble Guppies party stuff anywhere in the city, aside from the random piñata at Bulk Barn. And yes, I bought it and hilarity will ensure with a bunch of two year olds trying to bust a piñata in my tiny condo. Side note: any suggestions on what to fill it with since two years olds probably don’t need to get jacked on a bunch of candy.

After a few more stops and some groceries later, I was home to clean the condo. I couldn’t believe it was already almost 5pm by the time I got home. I definitely did not anticipate my whole day running errands. I cleaned the condo quick, ate dinner, ran myself a hot bath and then curled up on the couch again for another chick flick. I have to say it was a pretty stellar evening.

I slept in! I can’t even believe I slept in! It was almost 10am when I woke up and it felt like it was 7. I definitely needed that and probably could have stayed in bed a few hours longer if I didn’t have another big to do list to get out of the way. It did take awhile before I got out of bed and made some breakfast. I finally decided that I would ignore my to do list for awhile and get out to enjoy the sunshine. A friend and I went to check out a local ball tournament before visiting her mom at work. Her mom is a makeup artist at Shoppers and was having a slow day so she randomly did my makeup.


It was way more dramatic than the camera caught, with bright blue on the bottom lash line. Definitely made me feel like I should have gone somewhere other than the car wash afterwards. Womp womp.

I eventually did end up going for dinner with my parents, who were in town for a concert. Then Liam was home and in bed leaving me to wash off the pretty makeup and finally put myself to sleep.

I’m still missing a few things for Liam’s party (ok, all of the things) and still want to find him an epic birthday gift (I ordered him a new toy box, not that exciting), I still have some cooking for the week to accomplish and a lot of sleep to catch up on, but all in all I had a pretty fantastic weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend? 



I’m probably the worst person to be hosting Sunday Runday, because I keep missing my Sunday runs. I had good intentions of going today to enjoy the beautiful fall weekend we’ve been having, but I slept in and had a much needed lazy morning and leisurely afternoon. I’ve been on the go non-stop for the past few weeks and am definitely feeling the affects. I am tired, run down and on the verge of illness and I really need to slow down and take a break. So no run today.


From Leigh:
Harley and I ran 5.1kms in the beautiful Calgary fall weather. I decided to run intervals of 3 mins then 30 seconds rest and felt pretty good! 


From Jenni:
Today I ran a 5k race. I wanted to try and run it in 30 minutes and I came super close only going over by 10 seconds. As always I had an awesome time and I’m looking forward to the spring race season.


From Kaella:
8 miles on the treadmill while my little guy napped. I actually enjoy treadmill runs sometimes as I can catch up on shows I don’t have time to watch otherwise. I’m loving “Suits” right now and blew through the first season!


Thanks for participating ladies! See you next weekend.

Healthy Living

Fitness Friday

TGIF. It has been a crazy busy week for me! Between grocery shopping, a family photo session, babysitting and a soup making extravaganza, plus that work and parenting thing I do, I’m ready for the weekend! With taking a couple days off to recoup from my first 10k race and the busyness of life, workouts were slim this week. Here’s what I was up to:



Lunch run – only ended up being 3k, maybe even less. I was in a mood and just couldn’t get into it. I regret giving in to my bad mood, but at least I worked up a little sweat instead of nothing.

I had every intention of hitting the yoga mat, but after watching two toddlers, I just wanted to go to bed.

A quick yoga video via Reflexion Yoga. I noticed they have some new programs to follow, so I’m excited to get started on those! 

Mandala class via Reflexion Yoga.

I will be childless most of the weekend and really looking forward to sleeping in Sunday morning and getting out for a kid free run. The leaves have started to turn here and fall running is my favourite.

How were your workouts this week?
Do you ever feel guilty when you just can’t seem to fit a workout in?

Don’t forget: Sunday Runday! Join me on a run on Sunday, snap a pic, and email it to me at becky at thebexfactor dot com before 7pm MST. I’m looking at YOU!