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What I’ve Been Eating Lately

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, so despite the mostly paleo recipes I’m going to share, I have to admit my diet has gone off the rails. Stress and being tired makes me turn to comfort foods, which are definitely not paleo for me. I’m also getting really sick of eggs for breakfast so I’ve been eating some Stoked Oats instead. Again, not paleo, but still healthy. I usually aim for 80/20 rule, 80% paleo, 20% not. I know that paleo eating is what my body reacts to the best and when I eat more grains and starches I feel more bloated and sluggish. But it doesn’t affect me enough that I deny everything off plan.

That being said, here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been eating lately:

Paleo Cabbage Roll Casserole via Health Bent. I had cabbage in my vegetable share and thought I would try something new. I didn’t love it though and now I have two more heads of cabbage to use. Any suggestions?

Crock Pot Maple Dijon Drumsticks via Skinny TasteSaw this on Alison’s blog and thought I’d give it a try. It was super yummy. Will make again.

Grilled Kohlrabi. Another vegetable share item. IMG_9507

Rustic Bacon and Pumpkin Soup via The Paleo MomI have a bunch of various squash, including three or four pumpkins, from my vegetable share so I was searching for a good soup recipe. This was a major win. I think I died and went to soup heaven when I tasted it. Almost wish I would have made a double batch!

French Toast – It’s a weekend tradition for Liam and I to have pancakes or French toast. I’ve been gravitating to the French toast lately, adding coconut milk, vanilla, and coconut flakes to the batter, then topping with fruit and coconut butter. This particular plate was especially heavenly.


Paleo Chicken Bacon Alfredo via PaleOMG Again, another recipe I tried because of my abundance of squashes. This one called for a delicata squash, which I’d never heard of, but said you could substitute an acorn squash, which I did have. Turns out the next week’s vegetable share contained two delicata squash. I’m tempted to remake this.


Also, all of the beets, carrots, potatoes and leeks that I could ever imagine thanks to the fall vegetable share. I have an abundance and am really running out of creative ideas on how to use them. Any ideas are welcome!

What are some great recipes you’ve tried lately?
Do you stick to a certain diet or meal plan? If so, what?


Entertaining Busy Toddlers on Sick Days

There’s no denying, cold and flu season is in full force. Liam is no stranger to sickness. He battled cold after cold after cold, plus bronchitis and pneumonia last winter/spring. He already battled a cold for most of October and is sporting another runny nose already (although I’m hoping it’s just from his recent flu vaccine). Everyone knows you should take it easy when you’re sick, the rest does a body good. Try telling that to a busy two year old boy though. Our days at home sick are often a struggle when all Liam wants to do is get out and explore, run around and do anything but rest. No matter the sickness, nothing gets him down it seems.

I thought I’d share some of our favourite sick days activities. A collection of things that are low key, but will keep Liam entertained without having to resort to Bubble Guppies and Frozen all day long.

entertaining sick toddlers

1) Colouring/Painting – If you sit Liam down with a box of crayons, paper and maybe some stickers, he will draw, colour and create for a long time. Painting doesn’t happen very often in my house because it turns into a real mess real fast and is MUCH easier if you have two sets of hand to help clean the kid and the mess at the same time. However, this is something else Liam loves and will keep his attention for some time.

2) Playdough – I picked up a plethora of colours from my local dollar store. Liam doesn’t quite have the concept of moulding it into different shapes, but he still enjoys squishing it into the containers and stacking the containers into towers. Whatever works.

3) Sensory Bins - these are a great way to keep your child engaged while sitting quietly. They are easy and inexpensive to put together. See my first sensory creation here.

4) Books - If your kid loves to read, let them curl up under a blanket on the couch with a pile of their favourite books. Maybe even treat them to a new book that will keep them entertained a little longer.

5) Matching and sorting - One day I hit up the local dollar store and bought some coloured pom-poms and pipe cleaners. I set them out with some empty egg cartons and let Liam go about his play, sorting colours in the egg cartons. Options and materials are really limitless here. Use what’s in  your house or at the dollar store. Sick day activities don’t have to cost much, if anything!

Sick Day Collage

If you’re little one burns through all of these activities and is still looking for something to do aside from running around the house, there’s no harm in putting a movie or favourite cartoon on. Our sick days are a balance of quiet activities and tv time.

What are your favourite activities for quiet time? 


Weekend Recap

Oh hi, remember me? I took a bit of a life break last week and fell off the face of the internet for awhile. But here I am, ready to get back to my regularly scheduled blog program. Hope you all have been well the last week! Oh, and sorry for the photo-less update. Apparently weekends without my child result in zero photos.

I had an unexpected afternoon off work. I already had plans for lunch with my mom at my favourite Vietnamese place and afterwards thought I would get a start on some of my errands, etc so I could enjoy the rest of the weekend. That didn’t really happen. I haven’t been sleeping well, so I curled up in bed and attempted a nap (which didn’t happen), before getting up for some dinner and to get ready for Art Battle.

I was acting as Communication Director (woohoo! I have a title) for Art Battle again, and it was a lot of fun. It was a different venue than the last one I worked and gave it a way more fun and intimate feel. If you haven’t been to one of these events before, you should definitely check it out.

I slept in hard. Normally I automatically wake up between 6-7, but I didn’t budge until 9. I figured I should get up and get the house cleaned and start on meal prep since I’ve been SO lazy the last few days, but I decided to keep the laziness going just a bit longer. I mean, I am fighting a cold so I should be resting, right? I grabbed my laptop and a big cup of juice to watch Parenthood in bed, catch up on some blogging and work on the Christmas project I’m trying to finish. I finished my project just in time for Layne to come move out the last of his furniture, finally. The rest of my afternoon was spent rearranging and cleaning. I can finally start on Liam’s room makeover. I’m just waiting for the last of his bedding to be found, get the walls painted (although I’ve not fully commit to painting yet) and rearrange the pictures on the wall. I’m hoping to be done by Christmas but at the rate I’m going so far, it’s going to take awhile!

Sunday morning my parents and I made a quick trip to Calgary for lunch with family. Unfortunately Liam was still getting over his never-ending cold so he didn’t join. Don’t need to spread those germs to the whole family. I was home just before dinner and started some more food prep, cooking some veggies and starting a pumpkin soup while I waited for Liam to come home. I realized that I should probably start eating some of my stock pile in the freezer because I’m running out of containers to freeze stuff in! Let’s not talk about the fact that Liam didn’t come home until exactly his bed time and I didn’t get to spend any time with him at all this weekend…

How was your weekend? Productive? Relaxing?